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  1. I've been playing a ton of Minecraft waiting for Niche to be ported to the Switch, so here's some of my survival companions. Henry my boat spider, and oldest companion Cheeto the fish, caught for an achievement Chester, stolen from a witch And Nemo, he barks.
  2. I had a similar problem, with Google Files, but I figured out how to resolve it. Do you have the drive file downloaded?
  3. MessyMemes

    Random doodles

    A bunch of random doodles of some of my nichlings.
  4. Found a reverse layering glitch? I kicked out a nichlings who wasn't sleeping, and the sleeping nichling who moved into her spot is not sleeping but has the effect.
  5. Yes, in the Forest biome. Haven't experienced in the clearing, or Creek biomes.
  6. His hoof is recessive so earlier the glitch was him displaying the wrong gene. That's a weird glitch tho.
  7. Requirements for this biome are almost always set on level one's requirements.
  8. Uh, their daughter looks almost nothing like them.
  9. Layering glitch: still showing sweat although it ended whilst being frozen.
  10. Layering glitch. Freezing effect appears over healing and menu to kick out a nichling.
  11. Birb and Rabbit. I love these two.
  12. I got this boy. He looks somewhat like a rabbit :3
  13. I sent away one of my nichlings while he was a sleep, so now it looks like the nichling that took his place is sleeping.
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