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  1. Hola 

    I have returned from the void hoping to be more active here and stuff

  2. when you gotta take a break from the forums for reason and i have lost epic squiggly lines but epic

  3. i go by all pronouns i dont really know what pronouns people call me as im not active here as i used to be
  4. "Oh thank you" he grabbed the gem placing it back on his necklace
  5. Silt continued messing with the necklace accidentally having a gem fall out
  6. he'd continue playing with the necklace not really caring if someone walked by him
  7. he'd fidget with his necklace thinking about adding another gem to it or not
  8. he'd sigh and slightly move away but struggles with his limp
  9. He stared at the skywing wondering who they were and he slightly backed up
  10. he asked the mice why they were running but trying not to make himself look like a threat
  11. Silt went up and asked the creatures why they were running trying to figure out
  12. he was wondering why they were running away even though he was nearby
  13. he continued to fly around not really knowing what to do
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