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  1. to draw Basic Information Your monster is a Reedling named Plooto. Plooto uses they/them pronouns. They lives on Water Island, and hate it there. Plooto is an adult, at 30 years old. Their hatchday is Janruary 14. Plooto works as a doctor . Personality Plooto usually acts grumpy, annoyying, and big-headed. They enjoys knitting in their free time. Plooto's favourite food is ice cream. Their favourite holiday is Festival of Yay. Appearence Plooto doesn't care about their appearence. Plooto has some extra stripes. Plooto wears a spiked collar. Plooto is smaller than an average member of their species. Plooto has one large scar. Relationships Both of Plooto's parents are alive and well. Plooto is in a relationship with a Fluoress, named Glossom (he/they) Plooto has 3 friends. The first is a Fleechwurm called Grisham. Grisham uses he/she pronouns. Grisham has known Plooto since they were hatchlings. Their second friend is a Shellbeat called Floydberg. Floydberg uses he/they pronouns. Floydberg plans to betray Plooto. Plooto's last friend is a Tiawa named Zafumi. Zafumi uses she/they pronouns. Zafumi has known Plooto since they were hatchlings. Plooto owns a Elushark as a pet. Backstory Prompt: quest, idea, lie Other Plooto is hiding something suspicious. Plooto wants to travel back in time.
  2. "Shut up nerd! I want to yell at people!"
  3. (I did not steal Scorch's wing. I just need all the pieces of characters on seperate layers to tween them in capcut) More cursed images:
  4. Play this sped up. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qFoSh46scbc&t=50s
  5. Name them They're an agender pampas cat
  6. Blaze my favourite SandWing sister Design notes: I added some small patterns to make her look more fancy Same accesorries as in the graphic novel, with some small changes and the addition of the horn things.
  7. Join before I private it https://www.roblox.com/games/13671319430/Tweedle-Demo
  8. Last one that I've finished. Legends- Regret TW: Themes of bullying, murder The year is 11980 AC- Just 20 years ago. A Bulbo and a Flowah sail in a boat, getting further and further from Light Island. Dazzle leaned over the edge of the rocking boat, clinging desperately to not fall over. Across the sky and sea, a ferocious storm raged, rocking the tiny float every which way. “Are you sure this is worth it?!” Bramble shouted, right in the front, trying to stabilise it with the rows. “What are we even here for? Is it worth it?” Dazzle looked over at the deep-green Flowah. “Yes, of course!” “Why, Bulbo? Shouldn’t we turn back?” “My name is Dazzle,” he reminded them angrily. “And I’m here for Amaranth’s secret,” “I do not know what that is,” “Long ago, our island was founded by an Edamimi named Amaranth. She-“ “Didn’t ask. Don’t care about history,” Dazzle turned away and scoffed. He cared about history. He never forgot when his teacher, that Kayna who would always threaten to light you on fire if you misbehaved, started the lesson with the words: “Back in the Dawn of Fire, an Edamimi named Amaranth founded Party Island, built artificially on the back of a massive creature. During the Cataclysm, that island became our home, Light Island..” After that lesson, which the teacher explained in the dullest way ever, Dazzling borrowed a book about Amaranth from the library. It said a bunch of things about her but also mentioned that she had a supposed ‘dark secret’, that the book did not elaborate on. It later mentioned she could communicate with Glubber Leviathans, and he thought that was secret enough. But it wasn’t really that dark, and not exactly a secret if the book said it. He did more research, becoming more and more invested with history, and found out that Amaranth had hidden her secret somewhere on Party island, and was supposedly still in a cave somewhere. Probably on ocean rocks on the outskirts of Light Island. One was in front of him right now, with a massive “There,” he said, pointing to the rock. “The rock?” “Yes,” “What are you even going off of here? Real history, or a rumour?” Dazzle paused for a moment, contemplating the question. “It’s a rumour,” he finally confessed. “But I believe it, and it’s been my life’s work for over a decade to find this. You wouldn’t understand how excited I am. So please, take me over there,” “Fine. You’re still paying me for the ride?” “Of course, of course,” Dazzle hopped out off the boat onto the wet, slippery rocks, almost slipping into the dark teal ocean. He approached the dark mouth of the cave. It was hard to see, but it went on for ages, lit extremely faintly by glowing yellow dust that had probably falled from Phosphora last time it passed. “I’ll wait for you,” Bramble said, anchoring the boat beside the crags. “If you don’t come back fast enough, I’ll leave and assume you’re dead. Here, take this torch,” “Thanks, but I don’t need it. I’m a Bulbo, I can light my own way,” “If you so please,” He descended down through the tunnel, brightening the way with a faint blue glow. Eventually, the tunnel stopped with a dead end, “Oh come on, after all this ti-“ There was an orange gleam at the end of the tunnel, distinctively amber-coloured with a faint rectangle showing through the inside. He approached it with small, awkward steps as if it was about to explode. The rectangle seemed to be a single sheet of crusty paper, aged and yellowed through time. The text was unreadable through the thick amber crystals. He tried to slice through the amber with his claws, but it was no use- the amber was harder than a diamond, chipping away at his claws more than he chipped away at it. He remembered another way to break amber- music. He began to rub his claws together. The scraping sound felt eerie and unusual without the rest of the song, in an environment so creepy with lighting booming in the distance. For a moment, Dazzle feared that it wasn’t enough, until small cracks began to run across the amber, bathing it in a white light as pieces of it fell away. He brushed aside the remaining pieces, moving closer to the text on the paper. “I, Amaranth, founder of Party island, am writing this when I know I am about to die. I am getting older and weaker every day. And I just want to get this off my chest so I can die in peace. As I wrote in my autobiography, I was bullied as a monsterling, for being a bit weird. My main bullies were Plum, the PongPing, and Permafrost, the Pango. Eventually, I met my Glubber friend, Party, and I soon managed to persuade a group of monsters to go live there. But even after all those years I wanted to take revenge on Plum and Permafrost. So I invited them over to a dinner, in my home. But I poisoned their food. Before they ate, they apologised. They said how sorry they both were for being horrible, and they wanted to be friends, and leave all the bad things in the past. They were even becoming the parents of an egg… I wanted to warn them, but it was too late. They were dead on the ground before I could make a sound. I hid the bodies. Framed the deaths as an accident, said they’d fallen in the ocean and drowned. But it’s still my fault. I’m a murderer and I regret it. I went too far and left that poor child without parents. I wish I could just turn back time, so I can die without regrets. In the Beat Hereafter, they’ll hate me all over again. If I even deserve to go there.” As Dazzle finished reading and the final lines echoed in his mind, the biggest flash of lightning yet crashed outside, scaring him so much he almost rammed into the wall. He touched the shocking confession again, trying to grab it in his shaking talons. But the paper was thousands of years old, so it simply crumbled right before his eyes. Not knowing what else to do, he ran back up the cave, stumbling awkwardly on pebbles along the way. On the top, he leaped right back up, almost slamming into Bramble, who was standing right in front of the entrance with a bundle of supplies. “Storm’s too bad. We need to set up camp here for the night,” Bramble said sternly. “What’s the deal? You look like you’ve been jumped by a Punkleton. Did you find the secret,” “Yes. And I… regret it,”
  9. (AC stands for after cataclysm) Legends- Secrecy TW: Fight scene The year is 502 AC. Mythicals have existed for hundreds of years, but always remained hidden. “Velvet!” Velvet’s eyes lazily slid open. He was laying on a patch of leaves, surrounded by the other G’joobs, with bags of supplies tied around their bodies, grumpily staring at him. “Get up,” Pilose barked, nudging him with one dirty white flipper. “Monsters spotted in the area. We need to get moving,” “Waaaaiiit,” he moaned, rolling into his back. “I… stayed up late again,” “I said, get up, Velvet,” Velvet sighed and got up. “Yes, chief,” He slid after the G’joob clan through the deep green undergrowth, Pilose pointing them in the right direction. “Can we stop to have breakfast?” “Oh for moon’s sake Velvet, we’ve barely even moved. Do not speak until we reach another suitable camping spot, understood?” “Understood, chief,” Velvet fell back behind the clan, trudging several metres back with his head down. Eventually, the rest passed through a heavy patch of undergrowth. “Cattail, Moss, set up some critter traps so we have something to eat. Sylvan, Glade, find some berries. Furtive, start us a fire. Everyone else, keep watch for monsters,” He brushed the undergrowth aside, seeing several G’joobs already scampering to hastily complete the tasks. “You heard me, Velvet? Do your job or you will be punished,” Velvet sat down just outside the camp, crouched stealthily in the bushes, next to an old G’joob with two broken horns. They were the only one in the clan whose name he didn’t know. Their horns were broken off before Pilose was chief and before Velvet was born, years ago as a punishment, and they were simply called “Disgrace” forever. “G’morning,” they said politely, turning over to Velvet. “I hear that Pilose is threatening to break your horns again?” “Ummm….” It wasn’t often that the old one talked to anyone, including him. “Yes?” “Say, kid. How old are ya?” “Sixteen,” “Ah,” The old one sighed, looking up at the swirling blue skies above. “That’s the same age I was when he punished me. For bein’ curious about the other monsters. Their town. Their castle. Their songs. The chiefs always punish the young ones who are different,” They paused to look into Velvet’s eyes. “You’re curious too, aren’t you, kid,” “Well, yes, but…” “You can run along, if you want,” the old one continued. “Let me tell you about the future I’ve always wanted for the G’joobs. Every day I dream of a future where we’re among the other monsters. Part of their society. All the curious ones have a dream like that,” Velvet nodded silently. He did think about that sometimes, every day. He was tired of the struggle for survival, of constantly trudging through dirt and bushes. And, of course, he wanted to know more about the other species. But then again, he didn’t want the chief to punish him. “But what of Pilose-“ “Well… if I do anything else now, Pilose would do… far worse. But you can still try,” “I don’t think that’s-“ “You want the future like that, don’t you? The best you can do is to stop being cowardly, and try,” Velvet paused for a moment to contemplate the idea. Then he bent down and dived into the dense, mysterious shrubbery. “If he notices you’re missing I’ll figure out an excuse!” he heard them whispering as he darted away. He didn’t know how long he was running, but when he reached a slope, he tumbled down, almost falling into a rapidly running stream. He noticed a moving shape on the other side, instinctively crouching down in the bushes. On the other side of the stream sat a small, pale blue creature, with streaks of white in its fur and four long, lanky arms. She looked very young, calmly playing with river rocks by the water, stacking them into a castle-like shape. Suddenly, she got up, kicking her structure and screaming, “YA! TAKE THAT, EVIL CASTLE!” Velvet almost jumped back with shock, until another furry shape emerged from the bushes, walking along what seemed to be a dusty, downtrodden path. This one was white, with longer fur and huge feet. “Brook! There you are!” she shouted, running over to the little child. “Where were you?” “Here!” “Why did you run off?” “It’s cool?” “Where’s your cello?” “Uhmmm…” the child, who seemed to be named Brook, tapped her foot on the ground for a few seconds, seemingly thinking. “I used it in a fight! Angaist… neighbor Gerald!” “No, you didn’t fight Gerald. He’s an Entbrat, twice your size. Where is it?” Brook sighed. “I dropped it in the river,” “WHAT?” “It was an accident,” she explained, kicking another rock. “Oh Brook, what am I going to do with you… come on. Let’s get you back to the castle,” He watched curiously as the two monsters left, back along the path. Reculantly, he approached the river a bit closer, and hopped over the trickling stream, his tail trailing in the crystal-clear water as he landed. But before Velvet could move any further, a creaky voice called out. “KID, HE KNOWS!” Velvet flipped around so fast he almost broke his spine. The bushes ahead were rustling rapidly, The sounds of screaming and tumbling footsteps getting closer and closer. Oh moon. I shouldn’t have listened to that guy, Velvet thought. He contemplated whether he should run or stand his ground, but before he could decide, the old one burst from the bushes, rolling to the side with suprising swiftness, followed soon by the glinting form of Pilose. He slammed into Velvet without saying a word, ramming his massive horns into his side with full force. “AARGH!” Velvet screeched with pain, instinctively trying to counter the blow with a swing of his own horns. The two G’joobs stumbled together into the creek, landing on top of each other with an impressive splash. “Woah!” Brook had run back to the river, and was now watching the whole scene take place. “FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!” She chanted, jumping everywhere and punching the air with all four arms. “WE CANNOT LET OURSELVES BE SEEN!” Pilose called out to the clan, who were following behind and watching all the chaos go down. “SOMEONE GET THAT KID!” But nobody moved a muscle, instead exchanging silent glances of concern. Of course, they usually obeyed their chief. But none of them were willing to harm a small child. There isn’t even a point in getting her. Nobody knows about us. Nobody will believe a child rambling on about big six-finned things in the forest fighting. While he was distracted, Pilose charged again, his head down and heading for Velvet’s stomach. He lowered his head too, blocking the strike. Their horns had gotten interlocked together, he noticed. No matter how hard he pulled, he could not get his head free. Pilose looked up and stared at him, his eyes seeming bloodshot and more unhinged than ever. “You will be a disgrace forever,” he snarled. “Just like that rule-breaking geezer. Your horns will snap like twi-“ Velvet bent to the side as hard as he could. Pilose bellowed with anger and pain as he was slammed into the rocks, but Velvet felt some mild pain shoot across his head. He touched his horns. One was now cut at the bottom with a jagged edge. Same with Pilose’s. Two interlocked horns were quilted rolling down the stained river, drifting away in the current. A chorus of gasps came from the clan on one side of the river. On the other side, Brook was still sitting and eagerly watching. The white monster from earlier came in and almost fainted in shock. Another, an unfamiliar one, that looked like a tree with an unusual face, sat by her sides, simply gazing in awe. “What is going on here? What are you?” the white one said, her voice unusually confident and authorative. “We… are the G’joobs,” Velvet explained through exhausted, injured breaths. “The one I was fighting… is our leader, Pilose,” “Why were you fighting?” “He wanted to attack me. To take my horns for being curious about everyone else,” “I never really liked him,” Cattail confessed, while Pilose still lay unconscious in the water. “Always too strict. I never understood his whole ‘keep moving, stay hidden’ thing and I just want to start a family somewhere where it’s safe,” The rest of the clan, surprisingly, nodded in agreement. “Well,” the tree-like monster said, raising his tentacles. “You know, we could always offer you a place to stay.”
  10. Like I said getting the 4 I've made out real quick This one happend in the AtC RP but was slightly changed. Legends- Cataclysm TW: Character death 15000 years into the Dawn of Fire, early in the morning on a cool February day. A Kayna sat alone in their home, on a small village on the outskirts of the Plant Lands. The ground gave another slight tremble. Dawn had been awake for an hour already, even though the sun was just barely rising. They clicked a pen in one hand, looking out of the window to the small village they lived in, searching intently for inspiration for their poetry. It was on the outskirts of the Plant Lands, rather isolated, and right next to the gigantic volcano towering over them all. The sun rises, a bright ball of light, With the sunrise ends the night. The light fills us all with joy, It nurtures and never will destroy. They reached down to quickly note down the lines, wondering whether the idea was even good at all. But nothing happened when the pen touched the paper. It was out of ink. As they always did, they swung their door open to go outside, and casually lit the pen on fire. “Dawn, you really should stop burning pens,” A familiar voice next to them said. “It smells-“ he paused to cough “-horrible,” “Ah,” Dawn responded looking at their Boskus friend and almost completely ignoring the previous remark, dropping what was left of the pen onto the cobblestone path. “Not like you to get up this early, Cornflower. You always sleep even through the morning song,” “I don’t sleep in that late. Besides, the earthquake woke me up earlier,” “I see. Pretty sure everyone else will be waking up too now, won’t they?” “Yep, I even saw Crystal awake and she gets up later than me,” “I can see through all your silly little lies. Crystal always gets up at this time for her job,” “Hah!” Inferno the Glowl, another friend of Dawn’s, landed on the roof, almost falling off and flailing her wings for balance. “The reason why I’m not sleeping is because you two are acting like the heads of a Quibble, haha!” “Rude,” a Quibble gliding overhead commented, before continuing on with their flight. “Well then,” Dawn said. “I could meet with you two later, say here, right after the morning song? I need to work a little lo-“ Dawn’s sentence was interrupted by the ground giving another lurch, the largest one yet, rumbling as if it was about to explode. But this time it didn’t stop. It kept shuddering, followed by the terrifying sounds of booming and crashing as dust flew around the air. Immediately, a horrifying chorus of screams echoed around the village, as panicked monsters fled from collapsing houses. “EVACUATE!” Dawn yelled instinctively, pushing Cornflower aside before Dawn’s own house fell and crushed the terrified Boskus. “HOLY HORNACLE-“ he shouted, stumbling around in a blind panic. “WHERE DO WE GO? WHAT DO I DO?” Dawn looked around, thinking quickly. The whole landscape was cracking. They watched helplessly as a Krillby stumbled into a deep ravine, disappearing into the dark depths as the crack closed with a muffled scream. Surprisingly, only the volcano wasn’t shaking, standing stone-still almost as if it was staring back at them. “Everyone, to the volcano!” They yelled over the loud rumbling. “Are you sure!?” Cornflower asked, barely audible. “Yes! Come on! It’s the only land that’s not shaking and breaking!” Dawn ran as fast as they could, leaving burned streaks in the grass as heat ran through their body from fear. A small crowd began to follow behind them, following their glowing, golden figure through the rising smoke and dust. The top of the volcano was a gaping, dark hole. It was a bad idea to go in. And yet, they had this odd hunch. As they considered staying here, faint smoky images flashed before their eyes. Destruction. Death. Fire monsters slipping helplessly into the Living Ocean as the gap between the volcano and the land became larger and larger. They thought of the idea of going inside. There was a convenient spiralling slope descending down into the depths. Years of peace. Prosperity. Dawn, with a golden crown, the saviour of fire. “We have to go inside!” Dawn shouted, beckoning the crowd to where the slope started. “Why?” Several monsters questioned. “I just know it’ll go better that way, come on!” “And you all should trust it when Dawn here “just knows”. Trust me, it always happens!” Inferno called out, descending shakily to avoid the blowing winds. Suddenly, a meteor crashed down from the sky, almost grazing the heads of the panicking mob, then slammed into the rocks lower down and tumbled away. “MOVE!” Dawn didn’t exactly remember what happened when they awoke. But the memories came flooding back very quickly, of the destruction and doom of… whatever all THAT was. “How long was I out?” They asked the worried group sitting in a circle around them. “Oh, not that long,” an unfamiliar Reedling sat next to them said, their flute-like breathing raspy and blocked out by pebbles. “Only a few minutes. You led us all in here and then got hit by a falling rock,” They looked around at the environment the residents of the village found themselves in. The ramp was suddenly gone, but in exchange there was a landscape different to anything Dawn had seen. Though that would’ve been any landscape, since they’d lived in the Plant Lands their whole life. The ground had a thin orange layer of candle wax covering it. Massive candles had somehow risen out of nowhere, dotting the landscape like unusually shaped rocks, burning with small flickers of light. Their eyes darted around the suprisingly gigantic space worriedly, but only noticed the lichen-lined caves along the edges of the cavern. “Where is Cornflower?” “The Boskus? I go to work with him. He…” “He’s gone,” Crystal, a majestic and gleaming Tring, sat down solemnly. “I counted everyone. There isn’t a single Boskus. Only the elemental building blocks of a Tring,” Dawn almost keeled over from shock. I should’ve made sure he was with me earlier. I should’ve been a better friend. They walked away silently, shuddering with grief. “Where are you going?” Crystal asked. “I’ll be back soon. I’ll give a fancy speech and whatever it is you all need to keep going. First, I just need to process this,”
  11. This is a series of short msm stories taking place on various points in history. All historical events are my own headcanons. They are scattered throughout thousands of years with different POV characters. I've already realeased the first few on the msm wiki, so I'll just post them real quick. Legends- Hatchling The year is 25 DOF. Monsterkind has only recently come into existence, and double-elementals do not yet exist. Coulee stared up at the ink-dark sky above, lit by streaks of stars and a crescent moon narrower than a blade of grass. She tapped her foot impatiently, waiting for the egg to crack. Her egg wasn’t exactly normal, that she knew. The few to have children before her, in the last 10 years of Monsterkind’s existence, only had eggs of their own kind- and each time, exactly what one might expect had happened. But her egg wasn’t an ordinary Kayna egg, like the one that had hatched to Pyro and Malpais into a happy little child just last month. It was orange and scaly, with jagged red spines lining its top. Her partner, Cliff, sat next to her in equal silent anticipation, his eyes focused on the slightly twitching egg. Twitching? She hadn’t noticed it twitching before. “It’s hatching,” she and Cliff said in unison. “I wonder what the Monsterling will look like,” Cliff commented, shuffling as fast as a Noggin could to the egg’s side. “Nothing like anything anyone’s seen before, for sure,” Coulee commented, nodding her head. “We are the first two like this. Whatever the child is, it's a new species. You know what the celestials told us,” Suddenly, the egg lurched onto its side, tumbling rapidly off the nursery’s nest. Coulee gasped as she caught it in her hands right before it hit the ground. Cracks were already streaming across its shell. And then, in a gulf of blinding white light, which Coulee squinted and swung her head away to avoid, pieces of eggshell flew around, scattering on the grass and paths around. Once her eyes had finally stopped hurting, she looked down at the ball of dark orange scales resting on her hands. They lay with four stocky legs splayed out at their sides. The same jagged spines that had been on the egg ran along their back, glinting softly in the cool-white moonlight. The child moved around a bit, their spines lighting up, making a sound that could only be described as a bleep. All around, the tents and huts that were still the residence of monsters opened, curious souls emerging from each one, awoken by the new child’s squawking and beeping. The Celestials had only created them a few years ago, so there were only sixty or so, even less with all the groups that went out exploring. Coulee was acquaintanced with almost all of them, especially the other Kaynas, since it’d just been them and nobody else for the first three years. “Well, by the sun and stars!” a Tweedle called out, flapping her speckled wings in excitement. “How incredible! How new! We must write this into the Book of Monsters immediately-” “Quiet, Sandpiper,” Coulee said, hugging the squeaking child close to her. “We can do that in the morning. For now, the hatchling must be named. Then the new species,” “Hearthstone?” Cliff suggested, staring into the hatchling’s wide brown eyes. “Hmm-” Coulee thought for a bit, wondering. No, perhaps not Hearthstone. She tugged thoughtfully at the collar around her neck. It was lined with some black crystals that had been discovered on the first exhibition to the Earth Lands. “I think that their name should be Stonyx,” Stonyx chirped as if they’d understood their new name, tumbling awkwardly in what remained of the eggshell. “Welcome to the Monster World, Stonyx,” Cliff finished dramatically. Sploinky drawing of Stonyx (years later hehe)
  12. There's this writing series I've been posting only on the msm wiki, I've done 4 parts Might post it here
  13. Don't forget my brain is a slice of cheese
  14. Went on a cycling trip Almost cycled off a ledge If I had, I might have died because though it wasn't that tall, I could've easily landed in a neck-breaking position with my bike on top of me.
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