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  1. "Crabs are the pinnacle of evolution"
  2. Bird monsters are obligatory (I have Quibble on air island and cold island. Quibble is a great pianist. The epic variant disgusts me)
  3. Important thought: Since the creatures adapted to the new envioroment what happens if I quickly make it go back to normal
  4. Ok there's mostly underwater creatures now because the land is too hot and dry to live on
  5. there's only 5 surving species make that 7 but over 400 individual creatures
  6. it's 50 degrees celcius in said biome average temperature is 38 degrees GLOBAL WARMING
  7. Ok there is now a biome where THE GROUND IS SMOKING???
  8. THERE'S A SEA CREATURE NOW (well it lives in water but breathes air... like dolphins)
  9. The nursery is almost flooded (the nursery is a place you can move creatures into and inject them with DNA so they can evolve to a certiain target)
  10. it's actually still there, just bareley
  11. But new species are popping up too they will be forced to be aquatic with heat resistance and probably carnivores since the plants will die
  12. I only raised the temperature by 4 degrees twice and the water level by a few metres a lot of species are already dying
  13. I should start doing something fun like systematically raise the temperature every few minutes see who survives or maybe the sea level or both and we'll have global warming
  14. There's a lot of dead bodies in the water They're trying to learn to swim
  15. This is currently the species with the highest population. You may not like it but this is what peak preformence looks like.
  16. It's evolving it has a longer face and more eye stalks
  17. Time to draw one of the creatures This thing HOW DID IT NOT GO EXTINCT (the name is randomised)
  18. Ok so screenshots aren't working Just gonna say Randomised gave us 70 different species but a lot of them had too little members, so they died out really fast so there's only 43 now The species themselves though, all I can say is that they are incredibly cursed
  19. Species ALRE (Artificial life, real evolution) is an evolution simulation with creatures that look like radioactive potatoes. For the first experiment, the first person to reply gets to decide which template I start with: -Defualt creatures -Basic predator and prey -Aquatic -Randomised And the map type: -Ocean (normal islands in salt water) -Lake (normal islands in fresh water) -Oasis (all land with some bits of water) -Crater (terrain with no water) -Plateu (crater but reversed, so for the same seed what is a mountain in crater will be a valley in plateu) (But please don't ruin everything by picking aquatic and a map type with no water)
  20. POV: you're VERY short Other girl in my school: "Hey (my real name) how old are you?" Me: "14" Her and the other kids with her: "WHAAAAAT" Her: "I thought you were 9 at most!"
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