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  1. "Are you an NPC?" -My English teacher
  2. Playing more subnautica hardcore mode
  3. Ok so what if like we get a big group of people who can compose music then get one of them to compose a song get another to remix that song get another to remix the remix get yet another to remix the remix of the remix and keep going, see how much the song changes over time
  4. I fell down the stairs a fewminutes ago and I hit my chest it hurts when I move or cough
  5. BirbMaster


    Do you mean teeth? They don't have legs. But they do have lots of teeth
  6. Though it takes a lot more time, to make it not-janky I reccomend making a new layer UNDER the lineart, then manually adding colour like that.
  7. "Miss... my chair has down's syndrome" -My classmate _________________________________________________________________________________ "How is George Washington supposed to haunt so many people at once??" -Me
  8. BirbMaster


    Neither? They don't have legs
  9. Also, yes, I did make a sim.
  10. This is a sim set in the Featherlight galaxy. A galaxy that is rather special, for it's inhabited entirely by birds. Here is a link to the thread about Featherlight's lore. It's also inspired quite a bit by a mobile game called Terragenesis. Now let's hope this sim doesn't die and end up lost forever. The Goal First, you pick your civilization's home planet, and the planet you want to terraform. The goal of the game is to use strategy and technology to get the conditions of the terraformed planet as close as possible to your home planet, allowing your empire to freely roam it. Mechanics Make sure you read this part cleary, since this is a complex sim with lots of mechanics. Turns/Time passage Due the nature of this being a sim on an online website, instead of time passing freely, there are turns each lasting a year. Every player starts in the year 1500 SE (SE stands for Space Era. Space Era is counted from 0 SE, the first space launch in documented Story Bird history). There is a limited number of actions you can preform each year. If you try to preform too many, the year will skip on it's own. Each year, the conditions on your terraformed planet will change based on the structures you have. It'll certainly take at least a few years before birds can walk freely on your new planet's surface. There is also a chance for special events to happen each year, such as asteroid strikes. If you don't act correctly angaist such things, the consequences could be catastrophic. Conditions The conditions you'll have to change to achieve victory are: -Oxygen -Atphosmere density -Temparature -Water When all of these are close enough to your homeworld, you win! Keep in mind that you may have to lower or increase any of these to succeed. If it's too high, it'll show up yellow, orange, then red in the planet stats, like so: Temperature Temperature Temperature If it's too low, it'll show up teal, blue, then purple, like so: Oxygen Oxygen Oxygen When the condition is just right, it'll become green, like so. Make sure you keep it that way. Temperature Oxygen Currency The currency is Coolstones. You can earn Coolstones by building the right types of structures. You'll start off with a budget of 2000CS, just enough to get started with basics. Buildings There are lots of different structures you can build to change the conditions and make Coolstones. For some of the more advanced ones, you'll have to research them. Keep in mind that the advanced structures that change a condition by a large amount also change another stat by a tiny bit, so make sure you balance things out to constantly keep the conditions perfect. Population The secondary goal is to have as many birds moving to your new, terraformed planet as possible. Your first settlers will be scientists, engineers, and astronauts, followed by volunteers and finnally civilians moving there at their own accord. You'll have to build population structures to keep them all in. Planet options Only one person is allowed per home planet, though as many people can use a terraforming planet as they want. Keep in mind that your HOME planet is where your race originates from, and the TERRAFORMING planet is where you're going and terraforming. So you have to make the TERRAFORMING planet LIKE the HOME planet. Home planets Manacennet- A warm planet with a dense, oxygen-rich atphosmere. There isn't much water. (unclaimed) Woastorken- A very hot planet. Little water and a thin atphosmere, and almost no water. (unclaimed) Skyberia- A cold planet. It's atphosmere is dense, but with little oxygen. There's an earthlike amount of water. (unclaimed) Dah'al- An extremley cold planet with water covering most of the surface. There's plenty of oxygen in the thin atphosmere. (unclaimed) Terraforming planets Magnalc- Extremley hot, thin atphosmere, little oxygen, no water. Vagnele- Hot, lots of water and a dense, oxygen-rich atphosmere. Chealre- Very cold and dry. Lots of oxygen, but the athposmere is thin. Juale- A cool-temperature water world. It's atphosmere is a medium density with a decent amount of oxygen. All right, that's all I have so far. The sim is CLOSED until I can get it organised properly and make a perchance generator for the random events. You've found the secret message! Please join. I have worked hard on this.
  11. Also, would anybody be intrested in a story bird sim? I have an intresting idea
  12. I made this article why HOW DID THIS WHOLE WORLDBUILDING START AS A JOKE AND DESCEND INTO BIRD POLITICS SOMEONE SAVE MY SANITY https://www.worldanvil.com/w/featherlight-galaxy-catsaresocute/a/gnb-organization
  13. Anyways the game crashed
  14. It's time to play subnautica on hardcore mode
  15. Just realised I posted these in the wrong place I wanted to put them in little to no context I guess I'm just an idiot 🤷‍♀️
  16. I'm going to be away for a week (starting tommorrow evening (for me)), then back for a week, then away for the majority of December and possibly more. I won't be able to post on this account, but I will still post on my other one (BirbMaster2) but probably not as often. Ok that's the end of my announcement *flies out of window because is bird*
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