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  1. Lol anyone else wanna play this and just like run around screeching https://www.roblox.com/games/3754765386/SPOOKTACLE-My-Singing-Monsters-Roleplay#!/game-instances
  2. Should I breed another G'joob I already have one G'joob but it's dissapointingly quiet
  3. Also you have it on steam and not mobile right? Cos they're registered as technically seperate games, so it's impossible to friend a mobile person through steam and vice versa
  4. On a msm wiki page I found the word "furthery" furry+feathery? NEW WORD UNLOCKED
  5. Like what app do you use or something? I wanna make tiny pixel gifs too
  6. My classmates are stupid The teacher showed a picture taken in world war 2 and someone asked how it was taken if there weren't any smartphones back then
  7. Gonna switch servers now, all that's left is creatures too strong for me who constantly watch the pond for when I'll come out again
  8. Just gonna put my MSM friend code here in case anybody actually plays: (if you do play, friend me... and join my tribe, The Nuggets) 4000799002MC
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