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  1. Gonna play this fever dream of a game on my alt account (to avoid questioning by online friends... even if it won't happen I still) https://www.roblox.com/games/3754765386/SPOOKTACLE-My-Singing-Monsters-Roleplay#!/about
  2. You talked with your father, Parakeet, about how cool it would be to be an animus. +2 relationship. <BACK (relationships) <BACK (main)
  3. Your character is a female SilkWing. Her name is Bluebell. She has blue-grey scales and a darker underbelly, azure eyes, sapphire blue wings with red patterns, and yellow spikes. Bluebell is very tiny and skinny. Proceed? >Yes >No
  4. Your character is a male IceWing. His name is Hare. He has grey scales and a light green underbelly, dark blue eyes, light green wings, and pale dull blue spikes. Hare is very tall and slender. Proceed? >Yes >No
  5. <BACK Parents >Inferno, mother (age 30) Siblings You're an only child. Friends You have no friends. Pets You have no pets. Mate You're to young to have a mate. Offspring You're too young to have dragonets.
  6. <BACK Relationship: 91% >Chat >Spend time >Insult
  7. Yearly chance event: A male NightWing named Daydream wants to be your friend. >Become friends >Reject him
  8. Yes, you can will definatley close it to new joins now since the amount of people I have is already really difficult to manage
  9. *angrily scratching at the door* LEMMEEEE INNNN
  10. "What? Horror? But there's not even any words! It's just ARGDASRGGARGRGASAGADSGA"
  11. yes It is a SeaWing, like I expected. What a good boy he is.
  12. *intense cracking noises* Wh-what's this? It's both? Cool, a hybrid. Well, let's name her Arachnophobia. If you don't like her, you can return Arachnophobia to the nursery and someone else can take her.
  13. the first eggs are here
  14. While exploring, a mysterious SkyWing offers you a piece of silver. Do you accept it? >Accept >Decline
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