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  1. You were successful! Conversation increased to 2. <BACK (skills) <BACK (activities) <BACK (main)
  2. <BACK (activities) <BACK (main) Skills help you get skill jobs and special jobs as well as help you in certain situations. Select a skill to practice it. >Knowledge (level 1) >Conversation (level 1) >Fighting (level 1) >Creativity (level 1) >Agility (level 1)
  3. <BACK you are so adult (also I started adding little notes next to each one) >Explore Maybe you'll find something >Skills Hone your skills >Crime Do terrible things >Sexuality Identify your sexuality >Find mate Find the love of your life >Gambling For when you're feeling lucky
  4. Age: 7 years Treasure: 0 Happiness: 98% Health: 93% Looks: 71% Intelligence: 73% >AGE UP >Activities >Relationships >Job (Baker) >Customise >Shopping
  5. Quote a relationship to interact with them. <BACK Parents Parakeet, father (age 49) Siblings None Friends None Mate Too young Offspring Too young Pets Sunrise, hawk (age 5)
  6. Age: 1 year Happiness: 61% Health: 89% Looks: 84% Intelligence: 70% >Activities >Family >AGE UP
  7. Oh hello! Welcome to my hatchery. Here you can claim eggs and get beuatiful dragons! Not realy sure if these guys were abandoned though, so this might be kidnapping, who knows! there are slots called nests for each egg only take 1 egg at a time with a cooldown of 2 hours to prevent people from taking every egg If you don't like what popped out of the egg, return the dragon and I'll keep it in the nurseries until someone else takes it. NEST 1: EMPTY NEST 2: EMPTY NEST 3: EMPTY NEST 4: EMPTY NEST 5: EMPTY NURSERY 1: EMPTY NURSERY 2: EMPTY NURSERY 3: EMPTY
  8. Imagine the amount of b u g s that candyland would attract if it was real all that sugar means hoards of flies
  9. hmm kinda wanna make a new topic for this I have an excellent idea
  10. Age: under 1 year Happiness: 62% Health: 88% Looks: 83% Intelligence: 70% >Activities >Family >AGE UP
  11. You found a butterfly while playing. Small animals are cool. +6 happiness. Age: under 1 year Happiness: 67% Health: 69% Looks: 72% Intelligence: 70% >Activities >Relationships >AGE UP
  12. You're young and can't do much. <BACK >Play
  13. You cut yourself whilst playing. Ouch. -1 health. I'm sorry you're unlucky <BACK (activities) <BACK (main)
  14. You're young and can't do much. <BACK >Play
  15. Congrats, you became a baker! You will earn 200 treasure per year, and will be able to use it in the shopping menu to buy houses and accesorries. <BACK (job menu) <BACK (main menu)
  16. Crack! You hatched from your egg! Age: under 1 year Your family is… Your father is an unknown MudWing. Your mother, Inferno. You are an only child right now. Happiness: 61% Health: 69% Looks: 72% Intelligence: 70% >Activities >Relationships >AGE UP
  17. You are currently unemployed. You can find a job here. <BACK There are three types of job: Normal jobs, Skill jobs, and Special jobs. You can easily get hired for a normal job. Skill jobs require certain levels of certain skills, which you can level up in the "skills" menu in activities. With special jobs, you also need skills. The twist is, instead of getting paid a certain amount, you procude things like scrolls and artwork, and get more money based on how popular they are. Salary is measured in t/y (gold per year). Certain yearly events may happen if you have specific jobs! Normal jobs >Baker (200t/y) >Blacksmith (210t/y) >Butcher (200t/y) >Farmer (150t/y) >Shop cashier (160t/y) >Miner (150t/y) >Messanger (130t/y) Skill jobs >Scientist (requires +3 knowledge) (450t/y) >Healer (requires +3 knowledge) (450t/y) >Queen's Advisor (requires +5 knowledge and +5 conversation) (800t/y) >Soldier (requires +3 fighting) (500t/y) >Art Critic (requires +2 creativity) (400t/y) >Bodygaurd (requires +4 fighting) (550t/y) >Teacher (requires +3 knowledge) Special jobs >Artist (requires +4 creativity) >Poet (requires +3 creativity and +2 conversation) >Singer (requires +2 creativity and +3 conversation) >Scroll Writer (requires +2 creativity and +2 knowledge)
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