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  1. The addition to Minecraft I want most is a craftable pet bed so your pets can respawn.
  2. Btw this isn't my normal skin it changed me to this when I switched computers 😧 I need to actually change it to something I actually like sometime
  3. I think it's probably a piece of this that generated weirdly far off (shattered savanna, nice)
  4. I FOUND AN EVEN SMALLER SAVANNAH This one's at -1409, 63, -978 on the same seed and version
  5. Btw the cool screenshot I showed: Seed: 5038776936493235860 Coordinates: X = -857, Y= 66, Z = -1011 Version: Java 1.20.4
  6. To spice this up I'm going to hold my breath irl whenever I'm underwater in the game
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