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  1. Belladonna screee Design notes: Purple like the plant she's named after! A heart shaped ear referencing the leaves of some of the bellaodonna plants I referenced
  2. Forgot to post Battlewinner from linke, days ago gshadsjdasfs Very slight blue tint and frozen, torn ear, that's pretty much all I changed. Rest is mainly canon
  3. Dawn (character from my headcanon lore, you might renember them being mentioned)
  4. Yeah I think this is a bot or something advertising stuff Either that or it's some joke account someone made to mess with people
  5. Don't worry I can assure you I know that quote. It's from a Netflix show where the protagonists are aliens
  6. "Why would you do that?" "B I G,"
  7. "I am not human, but doge incarnate,"
  8. Forgot to post this one earlier Anyways, Barracuda Of course, Barracuda inspirations for the sharpness and dull colours
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