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  1. The addition to Minecraft I want most is a craftable pet bed so your pets can respawn.
  2. Btw this isn't my normal skin it changed me to this when I switched computers 😧 I need to actually change it to something I actually like sometime
  3. I think it's probably a piece of this that generated weirdly far off (shattered savanna, nice)
  4. I FOUND AN EVEN SMALLER SAVANNAH This one's at -1409, 63, -978 on the same seed and version
  5. Btw the cool screenshot I showed: Seed: 5038776936493235860 Coordinates: X = -857, Y= 66, Z = -1011 Version: Java 1.20.4
  6. To spice this up I'm going to hold my breath irl whenever I'm underwater in the game
  7. And there's a buried treasure in the beach (map visible in my hotbar lol) but it's in the water. I'll get rid of every piece of sand and gravel in the chunk to find it if I have to
  8. Another thing near here is the s a n d t o w e r (it's really close to the savannah) I should probably share the seed and coordinates of this. It's certainly intresting
  9. By the way the savannah here is the entire savannah biome. It's a mini savannah
  10. Here have a Minecraft screenshot I took that could make a cool computer wallpaper
  11. Shoutout to the specific Minecraft OST that always plays whenever I happen to be going on a journey in the game
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