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  1. I did the same thing and got 'If your heart is live, wear it' How did crown become heart
  2. I like to spend a lot of time scrolling through the forums. -> I want to stay for a longer period of time so that this genus does not do with the promotion. How did that happen?
  3. These are cool, what softaware did you use? I use flipaclip to animate.
  4. Thanks for mentioning my challenge here!
  5. Of course you can do other birds if just the parrots are too hard
  6. You wouldn't beleive this if they weren't in the nest
  7. What I used the mutation menu but I didn't think I would get such different twins... As you see, they have completley different coloration, one has birb and the other has bat, and the birb has wings but the bat doesn't even have one wing.
  8. I just did I used flipaclip I hope the file lets you open it com.vblast.flipaclip_2.3.6.apk
  9. I had an asymmetrical mask too, I don't have a photo, but I had a Nicheling who was yellow with a black mask and one paw was black and the other wasn't, also her face marks were slightly off-centre.
  10. Maybe you could have different types if prey for each sense!
  11. The best looking genes, in my opinion: Snouts: Short, big nose, poison fangs, bird beak. Ears: Bearyena/Round Fur: yellow+white or a black and white nicheling. Patterns: Intricate masks Paws: Birb wings, runner legs, velvet paws. Tails: Stinky tail, peacock tail.
  12. I drew him! This time I decided to experiment with using soft brushes like watercolour and spray can to make a background, rather than a solid colour.
  13. He looks like a donkey but also like a fish.
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