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  1. Day 3 on the island. Zendri looked at the skies, rain pattering angainst his beak. Something was... wrong. What was he doing here? Why hadn't Raggee's real name been on the rock? Zendri: Hey, Lissanth. Lissanth: What is it? Zendri: Have you wondered why we're here? Lissanth: Not really. I just want to keep everyone safe. It's an instinct I have. Zendri: Maybe someone put us here for a reason? And Raggee's name isn't on the Nameprint Rock, since he was put here by accident? Lissanth: I'm not sure, ok? Zendri snuggles up with Lissanth as she falls asleep. He knows how tired she is. He wants to comfort her... and love her. Day 4. Lissanth was expecting a cub. Nobody was sure what happened, but because of the time he spent with Lissanth, Zendri blamed it on himself. A lot of commotion happened. A lot of questions were asked. "Who's the father? Is it Raggee or Zendri?" "Why so fast? It's been 4 days!" However they soon understood the situation's urgency, and got Lissanth into a nest.
  2. In the morning.... Lissanth: Does anyone renember anything? Raggee: Nope. Not a thing... Are we dead????? Zendri: Me neither... Voidru: I renember nothing. But I think that rock has names scribed next to pawprints.... The four came to check out the rock. Zendri: Look at this! This mark matches my wing! And it has a name... Zendri! I think it's my name! The others put their paws on the rock. Lissanth: This one matches one of my paws! The name says 'Lissanth'! Voidru: I got Voidru. I like that name. Raggee searches for his pawprint on the rock. But it is nowhere to be found. Raggee: Mines... Not here. Lissanth: We can make a name for you! Voidru: We'll name you... Raggee. The name makes me think of your face. Zendri: That's rude! Voidru: Well, it fits him. Got any other ideas? Now knowing eachother's names, they spend the rest of the day clearing out a base and gathering food.
  3. Time for lorrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeee The four Nichelings wake up together on an island they don't know. In fact, the four renember nothing about their lives. Not their names. Their homes. Their families. Raggee: What? Who-who are you guys??? Who am I??????? Zendri: Calm down, I don't know either... Voidru: Whoever you are... Whoever I am... I don't trust you. Lissanth: I'll help you guys! Look, there's food here! Voidru: I don't like berries. Zendri: How do you know? None of us renember anything... Lissanth: We can share it and relax. Look, it's already sunset. We'll eat and talk in the morning. The group settles to sleep around the berry bush, but they can't, confused. Eventually, they drop off one at a time.
  4. I haven't played Niche in MONTHS Or I think I haven't even played Niche in a year- Lets make a new sandbox game and see if I'm rusty. Heres the Nichelings I made and my settings. I started on tiny green. Settings: I only changed age so... Baby- 2 days Child- 3 days Teen- 5 days Adult- 30 days Nichelings: Lissanth Zendri Voidru Raggee Alright! Let's play!
  5. title Has anyone forgotten my existence
  6. "Yeah," Buzzardkit said. "But I had a nightmare,"
  7. Oooh I'll join when its ready
  8. Buzzardkit glanced over to see who was coming in.
  9. Buzzardkit gazed at the silver she-cat. Is this my mother? She thought.
  10. Buzzardkit stumbled to her feet and walked towards the she-cat.
  11. "I-I had a nightmare," Buzzardkit stammered. "I-It felt so r-real!"
  12. Buzzardkit glanced suddenly towards the source of the voice, looking for who nudged her.
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