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  1. "Yeah," Buzzardkit said. "But I had a nightmare,"
  2. Oooh I'll join when its ready
  3. Buzzardkit glanced over to see who was coming in.
  4. Buzzardkit gazed at the silver she-cat. Is this my mother? She thought.
  5. Buzzardkit stumbled to her feet and walked towards the she-cat.
  6. "I-I had a nightmare," Buzzardkit stammered. "I-It felt so r-real!"
  7. Buzzardkit glanced suddenly towards the source of the voice, looking for who nudged her.
  8. After 3 moons have past, you are getting used to your blindness. You can hear warriors packing up the dens: it's time to travel. You are led out of camp by your mother. You smell a kit about your age outside too. 3 moons later, you've explored the camp, but it's time to move on again. After being led out of it to journey with your clanmates. You spot a brown kit about your age. (interact please)
  9. Buzzardkit cowered. She didn't know what it was, but she knew it was dangerous and there was no escape.
  10. Welcome to the forums! I am the local bird, ignore my username, thats old news.
  11. Buzzardkit crawled out of the stream, then batted at the water with one paw. Am I dreaming? She thought.
  12. Here we have a bad roleplayer How is a kit mean and brutal? How can a kit get scars if kits can't leave the camp and battle?
  13. Uh Are blue and pink normal cat colours?
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