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  1. Day 25 On his adventures, Likan comes across a port. L: Oh, what's this? L: I renember! My parents and I used one to get off that tiny island. Oh boy, their going to make me the new head for SURE when they find out! Wanting to dive in and swim home, Likan jumps onto the port. But a female nicheling appears beside him. L: Who on earth are you? Wanderer: My name's Twist. I'm glad to have ya company. Been alone for a while now, ya know. L: You're not coming with me. T: Yes I am. I'm following ya. L: No, don't... T: Too late. Day 27 Coralline dies from Razorahnas
  2. Day 23 Moidore comes back to the camp. M: Mom, Dad, I'm sorry I was away... wait, what? Where are mom and dad? Who are you all? Pi (Piscene): We're your siblings, Moidore. They told us about you. And our parents... they're gone. I'm sorry. M: What? NO! This is Likan's fault! He kept me away! I hate him! P: Brother, father made me leader before he died. M: W-what did he say dying? P: He said I carried the blood of his family. He said we have to keep searching.
  3. Day 21 Eve gives birth to a daughter named Saline. She's got HII! Meanwhile... M: That's it! There's nothing intresting! Accept it! L: There is! Go home if you want, brother! M: Fine, then. I'm going back. You will get lost on your endless search for something intresting, you know. Why become head of the family, if you don't value them? Day 22 Eve dies giving birth to their last child: Chrono. He does not have HII, but is still treasured. A: Listen, my children. Everyone pricked up their ears and gazed at Adam. A: Your mother has lived a long and happy life. Surrounded by family. Tears began to drip down, mixing with the rain. A: But as I was your mother's age when I met her, I fear there is little time left for me. My mission was to find my family, but I have created another. I won't have time to see home again. I want you to continue the search. Find your ancestry, my children. The family was paying attention, but still crying. A: Panda will lead you on your quest. I trust her. I feel as she carries my blood. The blood that my family was recognised by. Understand, my daughter? P: Me? But I'm young! I'm not ready! A: Do not worry, young one. My spirit will guide you. Here are the feathers of the bluebird that caught me. Stick them your gems, they will be tokens of renemberence for you. As the night passed, Adam takes his last breath sleeping. He dies right next to where Eve did.
  4. Day 16 M: We should stop under this tree. L: Fine. We can stop if you want. M: When are we turning back? I haven't seen mom and dad since I grew my second gem. L: We'll go back when we find something intresting. And we'll bring it home. Mom and dad will have something to be proud of about me. And I can be the head of the family when dad passes away. M: That's in ages... L: Haven't you realised? We're both grown, they're getting old. I need to be the head of the family! It's my dream! Day 17 Eve gives birth to a son named Cherry... WITH NO HOME ISLAND IMMUNITY SFDSFRFDFFSDFFDSFSD Day 19 Another child of Eve's is born. Root. Guess what? She doesn't have HII. Day 20 This is another child, Panda. SHE HAS HOME ISLAND IMMUNITY! Coralline and Piscene dive and explore the oceans. Miodore and Likan continue wandering.
  5. Day 11 Eve gives birth to another son, Moidore. L: I can't wait until he's old enough to explore with me. E: You can explore with him, but only if he wants to. Sadly, Moidore doesn't have HII either. Day 13 A daughter, named Coralline, is born. Still no luck with HII. Meanwhile... L: Alright, bro, shall we go? M: I don't know about this, Likan. It might be dangerous. I heard that a giant bird stole dad from his family when he was younger! L: We're too big for a bird to pick us up! Come on! Day 14 M: Should we head back! L: Only when we find something intresting! All we've found was a rock and a random nest! Day 15 Feeling the pull of the water, Coralline dives into the sea. Eve gives birth to another daughter named Piscene, and STILL no home island.
  6. Day 7. Out of loneliness, and partially by accident, Adam and Eve decide to have a child. On day 8, a baby is born. His name is Likan. Sadly, Likan doesn't have home island immunity. Day 10 A: We're moving. E: I understand,we can't stay forever. L: Why though? I like it here! A: When I was younger than you, I lost my family. Your mother and I are trying to find them. We can't if we stay on this island forever. Besides, my family is yours too. They arrive at the new island... L: Wow! It's huge! E: We can settle here a while. But we will have to get a move on eventually. L: I want to stay as long as possible to explore!
  7. Day 5. Adam arrives at the new island. "It's not home.." He thinks. Suddenly he hears a rustle in the grass. An unfimilliar Nicheling comes out. "Hello!" The nicheling says. "My name's Eve, what's yours?" Adam was suprised by the newcomer. "Uhhh... I'm Adam. Are you the only one on this island?" Eve stared at him. "Now I'm not. It's nice to have company," "Will you help me find my family?" Adam asked. "Sure. But get some rest on my island first. You look tired"
  8. Day 0. Adam wakes up after being unconcious. "What is this place?" he thinks. "Mom? Dad?" Then he renembered the bluebird... "I must find them!" He shouted. Day 1. Adam realises he's grown his second gem. Instinctivley, he gathers berries. Day 4. "Ah, a port. I've heard stories..." "This should lead me to another island. Maybe I can get back..."
  9. Both quotes from other kids in my class: "Come on! Let's kill the other students with this!" "WHO PEED HERE?!"
  10. Now, I won't do much today: being friendly in tribal stage is HARD. I've spent 40 minutes on it so far, and all I've done is get blue villiage to the blue smiley face level-
  11. The red villiage formed! Quavers just gatherin food Allied the red villiage! More appear: Blue villiage Crimson villiage And forest villiage
  12. Knowing it could be dangerous, Kaynnayniarth crept towards the brown thing as carefully as he could.
  13. One of my nichelings gave birth to the flag of Poland
  14. Day 42, Weather sunny, 1 Threat (bluebirb) For unknown reasons it seems like Bridget is moving back towards the tribe. She likeley either has a strong urge to find a mate, or wandered there by accident, since we've discovered that she is shortsighted. Day 44, Weather Rainy, 1 Threat (bluebirb) Something absolutley groundbreaking has occured! 009 has been seen breeding... WITH THE ADOPTED BEARYNA! It seems the species are closley related enough to produce hybrids! The Bearyna has been named Behemoth, since it now seems he'll be rather important to the tribe. Also, the waderer near Jara (who is pregnant) has finnally joined the tribe as they have enough food now. His name is Mekhdi- nicheling 011. This island was chosen since it lacked an existing tribe, but it seems to be filled with lone nichelings.
  15. Day 40, Weather sunny, 1 threat (bluebird) Many intresting things are being documented! Firstly, Atlan has finally matured into an adult! Riley has given birth to the rogue male's child, who has been dubbed Antônio- nicheling 010! Sadly Antônio was born with a deformed, useless paw- he may be banished from the tribe at a young age due to this. But the most intresting thing documented is the fact that Jara has adopted the young bearyena! This bearyena child's name will be Aabel. It is currently unknown whether a hybrid can be produced... As you can see, there is a wanderer- but he won't be invited in because of the tribe's food reserves being too low. Sadly, a tradegy happened. Rosemary was snatched by one of the birds!
  16. Day 36, Weather Sunny, 1 Threat (bluebird) A wandering nicheling is encountered. Though the nichlings apptemt to invite her, she takes the food they offered and runs away. Meanwhile, Rosemary exits the nest. Day 37, Weather rainy, 1 threat (bluebird) It appears as the tribe defeated a bearyena. However, this one was a mother with a son! The wandering nicheling that stole food is being tracked. She is named Bridget, and is number 009. Bridget is on the other side of the river: she's swum across.
  17. Day 32, Weather rainy, Threats: 1 (bluebird) Sadly, Eliza has died from a combination of old age and catching Nuku's cold. Unprotected for bareley a minute, Nuku was snatched by a bird! Day 33, Weather sunny, 2 threats (Bluebird, bearyena) Luckily with death comes new life. Riley has given birth to a truly beuatiful daughter named Rosemary! In addition to that, Wako has grown into a teen. The third bearyena threatens the nichelings! They all swarm together to kill it. While she was fighting, a rogue male jumped Riley and mated with her! For the first time our tribe is seen working together! They suround the Bearyena completley, stopping it from moving to kill Rosemary or attack a nichling from a more strategic position! With this technique, it is killed.
  18. Day 25, Weather rainy, 2 threats (rogue male, bearyena) Eliza has given birth to nicheling 005- Wako. He's inherited her snout, pattern, and single wing. However another Bearyena has come to attack the tribe! The tribe fights angaist it, and Riley is mildly injured. Luckily the bearyena was taken down. Day 28, Weather sunny, 1 threat (bluebird) A baby nicheling away from his parents was found. He must've wandered off, but there is possibility that he's been abandoned or orphaned. He is sickly, and currently has a cold. If this spreads it could get worse. The tribe was offering him food when an adult female arrives! She unfortunatley isn't the baby's mother or any other adult relative. The abandoned child is Nuku (006) and the other female is Jara (007). Knowing his sickly scent, the others keep their distance from Nuku, but still watch over him. This is revalutionary! It seems nichelings can express empathy if they protect Nuku despite his sickness and the fact he is new.
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