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  1. Faster than his parents could keep up, Sage grew. And boy, was he a curious kid. His dad was happy to teach him how to hunt food, in exchange for Sage being his eyes. "Dad.. who is that?" Sage asked, referring to the rogue male blissfully resting on the beach "Hmm.. Smells like a rogue to me" "A.. rogue? Like, the things you wear?" Nodon chuckled, "Not quite, son. But, don't worry. We just have to make sure he doesn't get too close to mom." "I'll protect mom, dad! Don't worry! If he gets close to her I'll hit em' with the HIYAHH" Sage clawed the air in front of him, almost losing his balance and falling into the water. "Haha, Sage. Your mom is a tough lady, she can handle anything. I truly believe that about her."
  2. Knowing her husband wasn't able to explore as much, Sunni went off in search of more food. When she came across a Nicheling that was the same color as herself. She got close to him when she noticed him coughing un-controllably. "Please, Please.. stay back. I'm very sick" he said, holding his chest as he gasped for air. "Let me help you, what do you need?" But before she knew it, he had darted back off into the forest.
  3. Days went on and Nodon and Sunni both anxiously talked about expanding their tribe. They dreamed of having a big, beautiful tribe that would welcome nichelings from far and wide. Soon, their dreams came true in the form of a beautiful boy named Sage. "He looks just like you." Sunni said, which made Nodon grin from ear to ear. Nodon promised himself he would protect his precious son no matter the cost.
  4. One morning, as she was still resting, she heard what sounded like footsteps. She quickly turned around and noticed another Nicheling directly behind her. "I'm sorry.. I hope I didn't startle you.. My name is Nodon. I can smell the leach on you.. Is it alright if I take care of it? I'm starving." Sunni quickly realized Nodan was blind, and also very thin. "Yes.. Thank you. I'm Sunni, by the way. Have you been traveling alone, long?" "Well, I was banished from my tribe when I was only a child.. So yeah, I guess you could say that. Anyways, Nice to meet you Sunni. It's nice to finally have someone to talk to. Feels like it's been so long since I've met anyone." "You were banished? I was- well- kinda exiled too. Though for a good reason. At least I hope." They continued to talk and laugh for hours. Although they had just met, Sunni felt a strong bond already forming with Nodon.
  5. Her first few days were spent trying to gather food while clearing a decent path for herself. Back in her old tribe, Sunni's older brother had taught her how to fish and hunt. Something they had to do in secret, as their leader would not allow anyone he didn't designate to gather food or supplies. If caught, it meant being banished or... worse.
  6. This is my first time doing one of these so excuse any errors please! I'm playing with all age groups lifespans slightly longer, with adults being at 40 days. pregnancy is 2 days. The target is to get to 50 generations. The story might fade in and out depending on how I'm feeling that day lol. Meet Sunni. She may not look too different or special, but the day her mother had her, she knew otherwise. You see, the tribe that Sunni came from was under the reign of a powerful dictator that was slowly destroying the tight-knit, friendly island it once was. He would not stop until every last nicheling was under his control. So, one night, Sunni's mom snuck away from her nest, grabbed Sunni's arm and ran as fast as she possibly could until they reached the shore of the island. "Mom, what's happening? What are you doing?" "Sunni, you will not understand until you're older, and I accept that, but, you need to swim as fast and as far as possible. Until you can't see me anymore. Not even a little." Sunni tearfully looked into her mothers eyes, not truly understanding it would be the very last time she ever would. Her mother grabbed her paw tightly, "You have to go, now. I'm sure they're already looking for us.." "Okay, mom." "I love you, Sunni. Please forgive me." Sunni then took one large breath, and jumped into the water. She swam, and swam and swam. She swam until she couldn't see her mom anymore, just like she was told. By the time she made it to the island, it was the next day. She climbed up onto a warm, cozy patch of grass and collapsed. She was exhausted. She looked up at the clouds, imagining what her future would hold, feeling scared and lonely.
  7. Someone said they were having a problem only getting male niche wonderer's and i'm having that same issue. probably at least 10, all males.
  8. So I just started and haven't encountered any bugs so far but have some suggestions. 1. Maybe a couple "dangerous" maps that give you more food or special perks, but have the chance that your Nicheling might die and not come back at all 2. Family tree's would fit nicely on mobile and it'd be nice to see where the nichelings came from (Maybe with just a little portrait with their name next to it or something) 3. Maybe in the future the ability to trade nichelings with other players? 4. Idle animations would be cute. Like have them randomly licking their paws or playing with their tails
  9. I’d love to be a tester for PC! I’ve played many hours on Niche and think it’s a one of a kind game. I promise not to share the link with anyone
  10. I love them! I’ve always had a soft spot for the derp snout. I think it’s super cute.
  11. You take very nice pictures! Hope you get to 1000 days soon! I think I’ve made it to around 700
  12. I love this! What a cute boy! You’re a very good story teller!
  13. This is super cute! How do I get one shipped to my house?
  14. I’d like to be a tester for PC
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