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  1. Darn I wish I could join (can’t play with anyone other than people I know irl)
  2. GlacyGlace


    I did a warriors pt a while ago that I didn’t even start- Day 1- The newly named Fangstar set off with her half brother Mudslash, looking to leave the Kingdom of Dawn. Fangstar had been born to Melara and a bearyna, and her bearyna father had told her of clans that his mother came in contact with often. Fangstar and Mudslash were curious about those clans, so they founded their own. “First order of business is finding somewhere to call home. If we fail, King Luprilur will welcome us with open arms.” Fangstar said. Mudslash gave a quick nod before trying to convince two new nichelings to join their clan. He seemed particularly interested in one of them. “I am Fantail.” the red nicheling said. “I am a healer who knows the ways of herbs.” The nicheling Mudslash was interested in was yellow with peculiar spikes. “I am Blossomspike. I come from a faraway clan, but my clan fell, and I have been traveling with Fantail about 3 moons after my clan fell.” she smiled. “I would be happy to join your clan, and so would Fantail.” Fangstar gestured a ‘follow me’ and ran off into the grass as fast as her frog toes could carry her. (Which wasn’t very fast.) OUR CLAN THUS FAR Leader- Fangstar, a towering bearyna hybrid Deputy- Mudslash, a dusty brown tom Medicine cat- Fantail, a bright red tom with an exquisite tail Warrior- Blossomspike, a yellow she-cat with peculiar spikes
  3. Just wondering. also i was thinking about doin an ask
  4. I played nothing but acnl for the past few days
  5. I wish I could do that sometimes too lol
  6. Winnie - Tux cat with green eyes (no white muzzle/paws) Lovey - regular tux cat with green eyes
  7. Strengths: yerp Weaknesses: yerp Likes: yerp, but I like chick fil a Dislikes: yep, no, yep
  8. Also it’s releasing in two days scree
  9. Why do they have to be so adorable
  10. “What’s in that old place?”
  11. “Mama, can you tell me a story?”
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