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  1. how do you change your username do you have to ask a mod or what
  2. I’m working on it- i lost my stylus recently so I’m trying to get it done with a finger.. which is an ordeal I’ll try and get it done asap though- sorry!
  3. i’m really excited for this game ngl- the concept is really cool
  4. I’ll really miss them I’m excited for Nunu to experience the world tho
  5. Nice art! I’ll probably request smth once I have a screenie, so be prepared >:)
  6. Nice! idk who that is sobs
  7. to be fair I literally never cry- the only time i’ve cried is 1) when my parents are being mean as hell and 2) while watching zuko alone, although it wasn’t full-on crying for 2 advice taken though thx (intresting-)
  8. indeed i really liked Korrasami- the buildup was really good imo
  9. intresting is it a pc game or a console or what
  10. “I am NOT cute >:((((“ lies also iroh your height is weird why iroh
  11. the title post cute and huggable chars here discuss
  12. what is your pfp tigerlily he (he/him right?) gives me zuko vibes and i want to hug him such a smol child aaa
  13. hi


    yay public thread on feed

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