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  1. Since I’m selling to a store rather than straight to the buyer, would 1 dollar per worm be alright? I have 4
  2. I’m selling for 2 dollars
  3. Hello, would you be intrested in almost-mature dwarf worms for your supply? Please make sure they are sent to homes without young children or other sources of noise, as they are very flighty as a species.
  4. my friends say hello (pepper the dog says hi too, i just have no good photos of him) they are on a very legally binding contract to not attack the worm squad, do not worry they are all very nice but pepper might creep the worms out a bit (he follows people around religiously)
  5. *does confused double-take* (if you wanna cult war go ahead be my guest idrc
  6. unrelated but when i was littler i used to read r.i.p bob as rip (as in shred) bob
  7. unfortunately, i must say rip worm isn’t she (the cat) cute tho??
  8. (this isn’t intended to oppose the worm cult i just really like cats ok dont @ me this is also not a real cult) our greater purpose in life is to serve our feline overlords like cmon are they not majestic
  9. no, not at all. you must keep your worm enclosures properly predator proofed, much like chickens
  10. 2 of of my dwarf worm are green females wait a little bit before introducing them, they’re almost grown but not quite, and grown worms frequently bully nymphs and adols should be fine tho since they’re gonna be fully grown in a few weeks :DD
  11. e is for elephant elbows
  12. d is for dear god help us we are melting in here wait why aren’t you hELPING
  13. I have a few (3) eastern hairy worm juveniles
  14. dude okay i’m sorry about the stupid joke please don’t scream
  15. honestly though was this really necessary i haven’t seen anyone stealing worms in the last 20 minutes
  16. i have 15 dwarf worms, 10 food grade and 5 nearly mature adolescents intended for fellow worm breeders
  17. hello i have worms to sell, how much are you buying them for
  18. b is for baseball bat specialty store (solves all yo problems)
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