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  1. SharrdWolf


    i had a ranger bard named pigeon in a campaign with some friends on a forum i left they like dragons
  2. bob richard blood god susie
  3. my friend and i have a server so he was afk and i was waiting for him to get back on so i decided to prank him with a wood box and then he came back on so i started saying hi and stuff didnt respond, jumped out the opening in the box he started flying (we all have access to commands since it’s a small server with only 3 people) i got confused and started dismantling the wood box he hit me i hit him back and said stop then he went outside the base and started spamming t and keysmashing at that point i suspected he was not my friend then later my friend came back on and read some signs i put down turns out that dude who spammed t was indeed his sibling
  4. “hello child” ”gimme ice cream” ”ok child” “yes gimme” swift: “i want ice cream too pensob”
  5. irl whitefoot’s reaction to a big floofy cat coming into her house would probably be something like: ”uh henlo? erm WINNIE, HUMAN HELP ME” lol
  6. SharrdWolf


    I’m not too familiar with dnd, sorry you could look stuff up tho?
  7. lmao its so weird having a sims version of a spayed cat have kittens
  8. so me and my friend were playing minecraft 

    he had one dog and i had a billion and he wanted another dog

    so we bred our dogs, hoping one would be his

    and then i tested whose dog it was by punching him.

    my dog started attacking his dog and the puppy, and they both just,, died

    my god i wish i wasn’t so stupid







  9. uhh is that lovey? (sorry about the icefoot thing, didnt realize there was another ice lmao)
  10. Blackswift: “but cockroaches yummy” Iceskip: “get out you peasant i much prefer fancy feast”
  11. off topic but what is that roach thing it’s cursed i love it
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