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  1. You name your Wavesoar Foam! Continue adventure?
  2. Wildfire sniffs it before grabbing it and running a bit away. He stood, seeming to wait for something. -TYO The pokeball bumped the Wavesoar on the head and the Wavesoar disappeared into the pokeball. You waited a moment before there a CLICK from the pokeball. You caught a male Wavesoar! Would you like to name it?
  3. If I can still join Can I be a vaporeon?
  4. This isn't the Touch Tone Telephone OC Just Tot
  5. Silversteam deserved more time and character development in the first arc in my opinion Basically all she did was save Greystripe, fall in love with him, have his kits and die She deserved better
  6. Chibi Pup for Pride Month And I'm having Touch Tone Telephone on repeat for a new OC
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