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  1. I haven't welcomes you yet Welcome to the forums frien!
  2. I would say my opinion on Dovewing but I haven't gotten to the point where I see her personality in actoon Okay now I go take my break
  3. A A A A A A


    I made a post in my cave but I don't think anyone noticed(like always) I am taking a break for a bit(kind of) The reason for this is because I am becoming unmotivated to come on here I will still be checking in on here and may chat for a bit of I really want to I will be on Discord and Deviant Art most of the time
  4. I will be taking a break(kind of) but I'll still come on and check on what's going on
  5. Time for dump my art I also made a closed species Fruity Maze and it has my favorite character from FNAF being more visible And slight gore warning Thlassophobia as a creature The words are lyrics from Cabinet Man by Lemon Demon That song fits Springtrap so well
  6. Kingdom name: Snow's Falling Species: Wolves or dogs that are made for cold weather Description: They are usually very rude but honest and will listen to problems or agreements. They are usually a peaceful kingdom. They no religion that every one believes in, some believe certain gods while others don't. Their housing are dens either made from packed snow or they dug it. Their rulers can be kings, queens, or gender neutral rulers Any specific pieces of land you want?: Any land that is cold Color: Light Blue
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