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  1. We already have Nightmare Mangle She can be Phantom Mangle
  2. Red was on edge, they hadn't seen the scene themself but they were told about it. They paced in circles.
  3. (So I don't what to say with the emergency meeting thing because I haven't done anything with Red with the other things)
  4. (It's fine. If I seem snappy at any point, it's just that I'm kind of angry that you guys went to the next day without me)
  5. (I honestly don't think that's gonna help me but I can try I guess) (Oh wow, why must all the cool stuff happen when I'm at school )
  6. (Still confused here, I know what kind of happened but I am still confused because you guys moved on without me)
  7. (What is happening? Did you guys move to the next day when I was at school)
  8. So I don't have much art in my new style so here's these ones I want to improve more so I'm doing this, again (Most of these are animatronics heck) These two are older and the first art pieces in the style(when I first figuring it out) These are the newest;
  9. Red cautiously stepped out, ears pinned to its head.
  10. Red sat away from the others but still close, staring intently at the stars.
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