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  1. I also ship Foxy X Bonnie and Funtime Chica X Chica uwu
  2. I would be too since shipping in the fandom can be treated weirdly
  3. Spoopy

    Pup's art dump

    Headshot designs uwu
  4. Yep! When we first made the ship we were only friends(even if it was obvious we had crushes on each other)
  5. One of the two poly ships I have is slightly weird Lolbit X Mangle X T. Bonnie X T. Chica It started off as two separate ships( Lolbit X Mangle and T. Bonnie X T. Chica) then my gf and I merged the two ships
  6. I mean- Those names aren't fully canon(but I respect people who do call them that)
  7. I have so many ships(a few poly ships as well) Funtime Frexy is my favorite-
  8. *clears throat* The Afton family is the family of Purple Guy(aka William Afton) There is his wife(whom the fandom calls Mrs. Afton cause we don't know her name) There's his son and daughter Michael and Elizabeth Afton Then there's the Crying Child(no canon name yet)
  9. Spoopy

    Pup's art dump

    "Take my hand, I'll won't hurt you" Also Pirate Pup
  10. Also please name your creatures
  11. Your creature is female and they have recessive gills.
  12. Gaming Cookie got this territory, there is the last one left Your creature is female and sadly no recessive gene
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