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  1. Spoopy

    Pup's art dump

    Headshot designs uwu
  2. Spoopy

    Pup's art dump

    "Take my hand, I'll won't hurt you" Also Pirate Pup
  3. Also please name your creatures
  4. Your creature is female and they have recessive gills.
  5. Gaming Cookie got this territory, there is the last one left Your creature is female and sadly no recessive gene
  6. Your creature are female and have the recessive gene of blindness.
  7. Choose a territory to join The mist rests on the sand as the cold and merciless waters reach out towards you The dry leaves crunch under your paws as you walk under the trees that cast resting shadows The sand shift as the wind bufets your fur in different directions, standing still is almost impossible ( @Lisa ) Sandy-Female More can be discovered while exploring You start off with gray fur and grey eyes and look like a normal cat with a small chance of getting a recessive trait, mutations can be unlocked by exploring and breeding
  8. Heyo! Also G E N E R AL K E N O B I
  9. I wanna make a FNAF AU after this with the nichelings and call it Five Nights At Niche
  10. We have all of the FNAF SL characters done
  11. I chose an unassigned nicheling to be Ennard and I don't remember who it was
  12. Sure! Here is the updated look of the roster with the Xs
  13. I an drinking coffee with a straw

  14. This has been updated We just need a Toy Freddy, Mangle, JJ, and Withered Chica
  15. I forgot a character We do have a Toy Bonnie
  16. FNAF 2 on the roster is almost finished but we don't have any nichelings as the first four toys, JJ, and Withered Chica yet @FawnCat @Katumai @gamingcookie @Broken
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