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  1. good job dealing with life in some way (idk i maybe completely wrong, haha)
  2. least u got a plan, dats somethin
  3. hey nightfire, everythin alright?
  4. Am also back, where did fearless die again?
  5. uh- why is this the first thing we see anything going on with finch? (lol) u literally named this chapter after him
  6. koi randomly goes into a hot tub: i am now a koi feesh *perpetual meeping and fish noises*
  7. fearless was about the pass away i just know it (i am actually right tho???)
  8. *me killing some random nicheling (with the same attack power and speed as horizon in my own world with a my own nicheling that has similar genes with fearless*: *see this post*... !... buh- buhh.. WHA?!
  9. (i just realized alecto needs to have her claws cleaned... they dirty!)
  10. wait... i have a quick question... does evergreen think horizon is a lil sus/nuts? i dont remember the part were tiger died (also which one is alecto? just safe checking, shes not the one with claws right?)
  11. i have one question for horizon lol. Why do u think u take on a nicheling like that?! claws, big body, saber fangs, lol she nuts
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