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  1. does anyone have a bane scale they don't want that has savanna and plumage?
  2. can u guys guess what happend? did she make it and (supposedly) catch the poor elephant, or did she miss and landed somewhere else. but if so did she over shoot or did she shoot off to a distance that's still in front of rokir? i probably won't start again til tomorrow.
  3. day 1: the meet-n-greet duckiprita went to go harvest seaweed but dukul noticed a leech was happily draining her blood. so he went to go rid her of the leech "wait for me, duckiprita!" he said and then dashed off to her. once he got to her, he impaled the leech with his horns and ate it and then flopped down besides her. now for the prehistoric couple. i wonder... will they fall over for each other like the other lovebirds... or will they be our rotten apples? *rising intense music* finally, vampiera broke the silence but not really because she whispered so that only she could hear
  4. i'm posting the next day probably after i have dinner
  5. sheesh doing dialouged play throughs is more exhausting than it looks. all the others make it look easy
  6. here's the end of the day status, cuz i ran out of space)
  7. "so, where do you want us to go rakwala?" tashi said. "I-I-I'll w-wherever y-you go" rakwala stuttered. tashi giggled and said "in that case how bout over there?" then she pointed with her snout to the location she suggested. (zwwooooomm *rapidly zooms out*)"o-of course. if that's where you want to go then that's where we will go." rakwala said. "yay!" tashi said and off they went. but then soon after they're journey started, they too fell asleep (now for purrince charming who silently makes his way off the a faraway tree)(now it's the end of the day and here's the stautus)
  8. ( my cursor broke so i had to make a new post)
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