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  1. (i just realized alecto needs to have her claws cleaned... they dirty!)
  2. wait... i have a quick question... does evergreen think horizon is a lil sus/nuts? i dont remember the part were tiger died (also which one is alecto? just safe checking, shes not the one with claws right?)
  3. i have one question for horizon lol. Why do u think u take on a nicheling like that?! claws, big body, saber fangs, lol she nuts
  4. luk- (i mean) Plum... I am ur fatherrr *epic weird breath because of epic chin that lichen has*
  5. king cmon, while they're both distracted fighting u must give em... ze claw! claw! claw claw claaaaw... claw! claw is a weird word the more u say it
  6. i am sowwy to say (prediction)... but the lineage of saber fangs must go. but if ik me... then something so much worse is gonna happen cus peace is literally not a word on this mountain *quiet laughing/quick laughs*
  7. i have a question. how do u unhide a playthrough or a topic or something like that? (i hide one of my own playthroughs due to lack of progress, think i would still have access to it, but now i cant find it anywhere and i cant go to the link of it)
  8. i like evergreen now... but i still dont know which nichelings are who half the time
  9. waaait.. drop the safe file?! oh noes...OH NOES *panik*
  10. hehehee... changing ze gene of wanders... i took a step furtherer... and did it to rogue males >:D
  11. btw i have a question. is it normal not to have many comment on the side in rps or playthroughs? cuz in a playthrough i've done, i havent gotten many comments, and instead more reactions and simple viewing. and i also see the same here, not much commenting from much of the people who follow the playthrough, and only a lil more reactions than comments
  12. lol (oops i forgot to quote the "I WAS going to give her a good ending but she only had 6 days left on her lifespan and I didn't want to say "They won the war, Tiger's Eye is fina- oh no she's dead"" comment, lol)
  13. ok screw this im starting this
  14. urrrrrg why has this compelled me to actually work on my own playthrough????
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