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  1. oMg A fRiEnDlY bEaRyEnA! gIvE yOuR gEnEs To Me
  2. ohhhh, so it simply depends on how she wanna act huh? also is she able to affect a tribe or some tribemembers even after death of the nicheling she's reincarnated as?
  3. what I mean to ask is... well, is foxheart supposed to be a curse or is a curse herself or simply is cursed?
  4. the foxheart legend is a curse right? or just an incarnation of a nicheling that will not rest until something is comeplete?
  5. or was the yellow nicheling a deltaruner?
  6. chiyanna has changed their profile... to a deer! woe is the day of that yellow nicheling giving likes to everyone who is new to this platform
  7. now the only question left is... did you get ze money?
  8. (dids you gets candies?)
  9. may you get lots of candy to whisk away the problems of life
  10. this can go won way, or dis can go the twist way >:) (meaning that since foxheart is dead, she could posses her daughter and help her out [btw does foxheart have any powers?])
  11. good job dealing with life in some way (idk i maybe completely wrong, haha)
  12. least u got a plan, dats somethin
  13. hey nightfire, everythin alright?
  14. Am also back, where did fearless die again?
  15. uh- why is this the first thing we see anything going on with finch? (lol) u literally named this chapter after him
  16. koi randomly goes into a hot tub: i am now a koi feesh *perpetual meeping and fish noises*
  17. fearless was about the pass away i just know it (i am actually right tho???)
  18. *me killing some random nicheling (with the same attack power and speed as horizon in my own world with a my own nicheling that has similar genes with fearless*: *see this post*... !... buh- buhh.. WHA?!
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