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  1. I wonder who would win, cuz EG has more attac powr while TE has more speed and stealth... it honestly depends all on how nightfire is seeing it in their head lol
  2. ay, they be like the jungle or grassland equivalent to brownie and truffle, with the single runner leg and smaller, poisonous fangs instead of huge knives like what T and B had
  3. Nightfire, or just almost anyone else who makes a story, is just so much more better than me in the story biz lol
  4. i actually got a few screen shots, and i like u try to find some reason to it, chiyanna, but its honestly cuz im just too damn lazy 🤣
  5. yaaaa i was very wrong when i said that this was gonna come in a few days lol
  6. ay... moving... ive done it quite a bit so far in my few years (over ten) of exsitence, tho i probs dont remember half or more of them
  7. its not like a survival playthrough, its more like a roleplay playthrough
  8. oh hey i think i just came to the early version of grass mingle, my favorite biome (i just realized why i keep finding antlersnout, or ramsnout in the cheat search for setgene) (omg OMG, I CAN GO BACK TO PREVIOUS ISLANDS IN THIS VERSION!!! no more being stuck >:D) (i found the equivalent to a rogue male)
  9. its also how im gonna use some wanders/characters for some kick in action... (hint hint, its restrain to go to the implant)
  10. (check the exposition link for the implant info, is a repurposed carnivourus plant, that i basically use as an excuse to change nichelings genes in the middle of their life)
  11. so mr. abel is very scholar like, right? did u also imagine him as persuasive? (btw can i give nuelduk some speed? either that or she'll have to go to the implant. [rether to the pokedex- i mean, current exposition for the implant])
  12. oh no, these eyes are perfect if im sticking to my current solution for space problems
  13. (btw i have one smelly tree, one jungle tree with three or four perches, 4 regrowing jungle foliage, and two meat eating plants c;)
  14. I've already gotten the world I want (after loosing the most perfect one >:c) and i started building up, and realized theres not enough space for chases and territories at the same time
  15. I've been reloading to get big biome of jungle, swamp, and savanna
  16. and if u have any ideas to help me with space... plz tell me
  17. (I think i'll give alomst every body short sighted eyes except for the moonkeys
  18. mk, U should have quite a bit of time, I just ran into the problem of space on the island...
  19. so in short, the comment of description up here:
  20. so if u edit the first reply u post of the topic, u can also edit it with the title. by the first reply, I mean either the description, or literally the first reply u posted on it if u didn't put a description
  21. (Btw I remember u saying in another playthrough reply that u couldn't find out how to edit the title for ur playthroughs
  22. (is there any image and set genes for abel or is it just a random mix of eve and adam?)
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