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  1. This is mainly taking so because i need to get the tribe in place
  2. I will be replying pretty slowly now
  3. Exposition (Can be Skipped as the exposition will be done in the story it's self) Link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1VFufebHa421guHudCy_tiG7XezQgrHCnAEYsvKrq03U/edit?usp=sharing (still working on it)
  4. I'll put him in as a stranger
  5. mk, btw u may not be able to see his pattern too well cuz i need to have super low graphics cuz my graphic card died
  6. Hai! For those of you (which is probably a very little amount) who know my previous playthrough, one could say this is where it first continues. Anyways, this an upcoming playthrough that I'm in the progress of setting up. The reason why im starting the topic so early is incase anyone has any ideas for main characters. So feel free to yyyyyyeet ur nichelings at me. The worst that can happen is I think they're cool but dont put em into the story. (i'll put the exposition five tribes probably today)
  7. and also da gene tab, that'd be helpful
  8. man, if only things were like niche and u could just pop up the family tree
  9. i just realized i have to do bout like 20 screenshots....
  10. (if anyone wanna use these guys aswell just ask)
  11. i'll still continue with the screenshots i have, but after those run out, this playthrough will pretty much be put down and branch out to other playthrough of mine
  12. The thing is tho, i have about 20-40 screen shot from one year ago, and the world itself had kinda taken a peaceful turn after wards and i had no exciting plans. so i'll ramp it up in a different way. i deleted the world, but im keeping a sandbox save with all their info. age, genes, such like that, and then they will return in a new playthrough. i'll just have em popping up everywhere in later playthroughs of mine
  13. I agree with u when you say stories can't just be excitement. but at the same time, what's a story without any excitement
  14. im thinking about scrapping this playthrough and doing a diff one
  15. i like all the action... but there should be a limit on how much action there is no?
  16. hmmmm... I realize this playthrough may be a lil too... calm
  17. I have the vaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaax!!!!
  18. The next time Eryva jumped over Kirvan, she accidentally brush one of Kirvan's antennas. Kirvan yelped but not from pain (feel free to put any theories about that). "OMG are you ok?! I'm so sorry!" Eryva said after she noticed she hit one of his antenna's. "No, no, I'm ok Eryva", he said shakily. Then they continued on and Eryva found a crab, but ignored it.Kirvan's last gem flickered out. The Crabbit reached to pinch Kirvan's tail but Eryva growled and smacked away it's claw.
  19. Ay the files were taking too much space, heres the continuation
  20. Day 2 Little Nightmares Adventures Purrince charming Purrince Charming was done watching the amusing yet slightly dangerous event of Vampiera and Rokir. He took a seat on a crabbit and shook all the water out of his fur and feathers. The crabbit was not able to fight back and honestly seemed like the perfect chair for Purrince Charming. "Ahhhhhh, what a comfy seat...", he said, getting all the water out his fur and feathers and now playing with the crabbit's claws. Then he noticed Rokir didn't run away after Vampiera fell asleep. "What is he doing??? Does he have a death wish or something?! Eh not my concern anyways", he said, completely neglecting, denying, and forgetting about his purr snout and his duty as healer. The Fishers "Kirvan, where are you going????" Eryva shouted over to Kirvan. "Uhhhhh I'm going to fish places??" Kirvan said as he called back with confusion in his voice. "We're not going to the ocean silly, we're going to a lake! If we go to the ocean, the sharphins will bite our tails off..." Eryva explained, then after a moment she darkly added, "more likely your tail and antenna rather than mine. AHHHH OMG THERE'S ONE BEHIND YOU!!!!". "WHU WHERE- That's not funny!!!" he shouted at the laughing-on-the-floor Eryva. "What you talking about of course it is." Eryva replied, "Anyways are we going or not?", she impatiently asked afterwards. "Ok, ok, I'm coming, but no more jokes!", he sharply added. And so they ventured to the main land.They were using the ancient technique of frogging, where Nichelings would form a line and the nicheling in the back of the line would jump or run over to the front, and rinse and repeat. It was always the nicheling in the back of the line who advanced first.
  21. aaaaaaaaaa!! my screen shots are all screwed up!! I think i skipped a day... I knew i was a bit of a mess when i was younger but this takes the cake
  22. i've been able to change titles in the past like with my failed roleplay, but it had a description along with the title, and it wasnt in the form of the reply. If i remember correctly it only allows u to edit the title through the description
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