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  1. I finally decided to add more cameos of my cats to beyond overcast Here's Milkpaw, aka Cheese! Not sure what his role is in the story yet but he's baby
  2. oh yeah have i showed my secondary sona here yet because they're an absolute gremlin here they are anyways
  3. New oc! They’re a god of deceit who absorbs energies from ant mills (those are not limited to ants though) they cause with special sparkle pheromones. They don’t want to actually do it, they just have to. They’re quite chaotic and just wants to have fun. They're a fashion disaster and they're proud of it oh, and they're based on spirals of ants and is a panda ant!
  4. yup, those are what i'm aiming for mostly! Do real life goats shed their horns?
  5. that sounds cool, but it wouldn't make sense on ram horns, does it?
  6. So... Do nichelings have horns, or antlers? You see, antlers aren't a specific shape of horn, but an entirely different structure. Antlers actually shed off every year, and are regrown for the next breeding season and are made out of bone. While horns never fall off and are covered in keratin, and slowly grow throughout an animals life time. So by definition, nichelings actually only have horns! But what if, nichelings actually had an antler growth cycle? They would shed their antlers every 20 days or so in game, and they'll grow back within 4-6 days. They won't get the attack bonus from the antlers during this period, obviously. This feature is disabled on ram horns and can be disabled altogether in the settings if wanted credit to @Silver Kitsune for giving me the idea for this
  7. The leader of a mountain tribe! Their rival is a bearyena hybrid tribe and damn are they passionate about attacking those guys
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