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  1. mind if i just toss this here https://artfight.net/~RainbowServal
  2. hi take this last minute pride month thing
  3. two suspicious conjoined skykids...
  4. i'm still going heehoo sky so have skykid Corvid
  5. skykid oc.... they struggle. too much. and die a lot.
  6. tested out a little brush i found on medibang, so have a silhouette-y stoatberry I think its pretty good!
  7. wow i didn't see this sooner! I'm a nonbinary lesbian (bisexual tho) and i've been figuring out my gender for a while, then i decided they/them just feels right for me. I've always been bi from the start but i've recently discovered that i'm not romantically attracted to those of the male identity ha
  8. sorry for the lack of art i've been going heehoo sky game for the last couple of days hdsahgcgfd
  9. heehoo skykid icyrose sky children of the light is a really good game....
  10. heehoo electricide backstory character... Fae used to be mates with the planner (so have a kis)
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