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  1. https://icyrose-cat.tumblr.com/post/658200285151444992/wooya-storyboards-done storyboard's done
  2. I have lost motivation for art fight anyways have these they're symbolism, more characters drawn with things they're associated with tho
  3. forgets about thread Anyways, i'm on art fight! Come at me @ https://artfight.net/~RainbowServal
  4. Maybe i should return to working on reworking my niche stories?
  5. Me, posting nothing but bugsnax for a couple of days:
  6. Interview pics for all my grumpuses (that goes to snaktooth)!
  7. Tip: do not draw 13 characters in the same page, some with several appearances unless you absolutely have to.
  8. I actually already did! Not taking asks rn tho
  9. i've been working After these i'll be working on a bugsnax au comic!
  10. Places my bugsnax ocs The green lady is like 99 years old. Her name is Skelga Bogwater!
  11. name: Tazzani personality: he's shy! Like. Very shy. Partly due to the circumstances he's born in. pose: any picture: see below! other: none
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