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  1. He could swear he heard voices. Ignoring the feel of the bramblethorns around the swamps on his feet and wings, he continued forward toward the faint voices he heard in the distance.
  2. // I'll be honest I have no idea who's there right now and who could be meeting my character. But I'd love to have him interact w anyone,,
  3. // Oh god sorry I'm late, I briefly forgot this forums existed and got depressed, apologies! I'll read everything and reply then!
  4. // I hope I wasn't writing too wordy or too much haha! // Also, take your time! Schoolstuff is important!
  5. Darkness shrouds the place, tangling around the thorns and bushes almost like arms, waiting to grasp any and all unsuspecting, poor fellow that dared venturing too close. His head hurt, or more like, it was the faint memory of what a headache was supposed to have felt like, and it dissipated just as quickly as it head stung his mind with surgical precision. The spirit groaned, his aches seeming to leave his body as soon as he roused. Large, seemingly feathery wings for arms propped him up on the muddy soil near thje swamps where he lay. It was dark. It was dark, and all he could make out in
  6. Newly forgotten spirit - A large and fluffy spirit who seems to have a poison tail and -fangs - He constantly seems to be in a gloomy and/or grieving mood, though the reasons for this are unknown even to himself - He has wings presumably but doesn't remember how to fly - His voice is deep and warm, and his personality seems to be just as warm and gentle when he isn't lost in his depression - Protector figure
  7. Time to put on my best behaviour and be a good role model!
  8. That's so wild to me, usually I'm the youngest in most communities I partake in!
  9. I decided to also post some of my other art pieces that I'm very proud of
  10. Ursa Major

    Ursa's art

    So I like to draw a lot and do other artsy things, and decided to draw one of my Nichelings! All hail Dokavu, leader of my albino griffin pride... may his legacy of fighting a bearyena all on his own to protect his pride never be forgotten! (And yes, skorpulai on tumblr is my artblog!)
  11. I like the tundra a lot but idk if I have enough space for it in my lair....
  12. I do! How much do you want for her?
  13. Oh wow, he is beautiful
  14. Omg that looks so -edited for language- good!
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