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  1. @PhiloCan I become a Mobile Niche tester I have a Galaxy 6s plus and the version is 7.0. If you need me to tell you more just ask me. So can I please become a tester
  2. I have a galaxy phone with 7.0 version can I become a tester please.
  3. Stray Fawn Studios is great I've played 2 of your games on my cousins computer but only bought Niche on my computer. Nich is a great game and I am excited for it to be on mobile
  4. ytspacedog123


    I am very excited for Niche Mobile
  5. I would like to be a tester but I need an android so we found my sisters old one but it was the 6.0.1 version so I asked my dad If he can turn it into version 7 so that I can test.
  6. When I first played niche I thought that it could be a mobile game because I can play niche on my computer using only a mouse so when I searched for it in the Play Store and it wasn't there so I was a little sad and now that I heard that they have testers for a game I was really happy
  7. When I first played Niche was 2 or 3 years ago on my cousins computer. I played Niche all day and all night because it was such a cool game that I just couldn't stop playing. So when I could I bought Niche on steam and I still loved it and played for hours and I still play everyday. Niche is one of the best games I have ever played
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