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  1. Also, a big project is coming... and Silver’s in it!


  2. This is giving me Protogen Nicheling vibes aaaaa.
  3. Ha, I see what you did there, and yeah without a doubt.
  4. Well I run on Windows for one thing so I've had no issues whatsoever, I've just been trying to help A Nicheling with the issue too : P
  5. Me and he have been switching savefiles alot as we speak, so yeah, it's pretty much fixed, thank you Philo
  6. 2006220904_SilverPiskel.gif.1177ada67290af2717eff7effe5129fc.gif

    1. Green the Fiery Fox

      Green the Fiery Fox


      That's so cute!

    2. SilverHowl


      Yes, my first attempt at a piskel, I'll make more later.

    3. A Nicheling
  7. I’m furious at how the word Karen is becoming a slur rather than just a normal name, be competent for once and come up with a new English word instead of reusing the same one over and over OR BETTER YET use words that actually have the correct meaning instead of using another word to describe it! That’s my opinion anyways... share your thoughts if you want.

  8. @Chicken-duck-woman-thing I’m currently avaliable tonight as I am drawing at the moment : D HMU if you wanna do sum stuff.
  9. Oh.. well it’d still be very heartbreaking to lose Pippuri in game and irl...
  10. Another fine night with the devs online! Can't get any better than this :D 

  11. It’s still confusing to me at the very least, but I’m not gonna go down this topic further, y’all enjoy your cult
  12. You got this Swan, just stay calm and take one step at a time
  13. One that mentioned Fight God was especially mind racking for me.. and I don’t really have a choice man, when something huge comes up, and out of curiosity, I click on the topic and explore it, if anyone is mad at me for this, please PM me as I don’t want to start a public outrage over it. Thank you.
  14. Excellent addition, bug eyes and no eyes lol.
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