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  1. Trash? No. Amazing? Yes, you have potential ❤️
  2. Time to feel anxious again, woo go anxiety...
  3. Once again, my brain oofed.. I would’ve guessed 3 at first...
  4. Also I don’t feel like doing another because I’m not comfortable giving out.. some info... and I’m out of ideas...
  5. My brain oofed, I need to go out for a walk now.
  6. Nevermind, yeah it’s #2 because I’m trying to be more up to par with my work for you guys, exercise more(which I should do now that I’m thinking about it)etc.
  7. Oh geez I pulled a Goggles Kun and made the wrong list >.< Idk.
  8. I’m the exact opposite.. sorry -.-
  9. 1. I had Nichelings killed by defender bears(past tense before they were removed) 2. I’m not lazy, you know I’m not... 3. My gums don’t hurt... ‘This is a pretty tricky one I hope.
  10. If those will be future body mutations I don’t even wanna know...
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