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  1. Name: Alexandrite Gender: Female Pronouns: She/Her Tribe: Skywings Description: Lean and agile teal-blue rainwing who changes colour to a purple in the night. She has dark grey horns and bright red eyes which don't change.
  2. Alright, thank you! I'll wait for the next version to come out and hopefully the problem will be gone.
  3. "Alright, then." She said, and followed him back, carrying the rabbit in her mouth.
  4. "Oh, alright.." She said, feeling bad. "Do you want to try catch anymore? Or look for some worms?" She asked, then bit the rabbit on the neck.
  5. She looked at him, feeling bad. "I'll try go chase it for you!" She said, and skittered off the way the rabbit was headed. She saw it, and ran faster to it, and jumped, reaching out her claws on the bunny, and caught it, still alive. She carried the rabbit in her jaws and headed back to Worm, and offered him the rabbit. "Do you want to finish it off?" She asked.
  6. Nettle followed him, crouching. She was lean and rather fast, and wondered what she would look like once she had wings. Horns, if she were lucky. Her eyes flicked back and forth, looking for any signs of movement- either prey or a packmate.
  7. She nodded. "Good idea." She said, and looked at her claws. "Do you think we could actually catch anything though? We're only pups" She said, trailing off.
  8. She giggled too, her eyes widening. "Do you want to do something? I'm bored..."
  9. "Yeah..." She said back to him, her eyes slitting slightly. "You said a thistle? Do you think it's something to do with me?" She asked, her ears perking up.
  10. She looked at him, shaking her head. "I don't usually..." She said, her eyes wide open. "Did you?" She asked somewhat tiredly.
  11. Thank you, I will! I already have tried un and reinstalling the game, but it hasn't worked, as it won't reset my save for some reason
  12. "Good morning..." She grumbled, her eyes still slits (SOrry i have to go now,,)
  13. [Thistle - Nursery - Open] As Thistle woke up, her eyes slitted. She watched all of her siblings asleep, and wondered where her mother was. She rose, and stumbled out of the nest, her eyes flicking from left to right, looking to see if anybody was watching her.
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