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  1. WHALECOMEEEE! Fintastic to meet you! 🐳🐠 I'm Wish, hope you thoroughly enjoy your time here!
  2. Okay so I have been looking into this a bit. I definitely remember it, and played niche during early access. Have you tried digging into the game files? There may be a folder where soundtracks are? I don't know if this is true, but I remember you being able to purchase the soundtrack at the time? Maybe a developer could help but I haven't been able to find it ANYWHERE.
  3. I'll be continuing this later today, but for now I will leave it at this prologue. Hope you enjoyed it so far if you're reading this, and maybe come back again to read more. Next chapter will include visuals, as well as maybe emotes to signify a paragraph that corresponds to each nicheling. Let me know how I can improve my writing, and sorry for a bit of a harsh plot twist like that... but if any of you have played the story-mode you knew what was coming. And.... psst. Lia may get a future redemption. "She may be dead, but not forgotten." I will be explain more on how tribes work next time, as well as a dream sequence from Adam!
  4. Welcome to a brand new play-through, going through story-mode and creating a beautiful story. There will be a lot of visuals later on, as well as sort of detailed writing, and maybe eventually we will make it to the end of story-mode together. Me writing, and you following along! Feel free to react to each post, and even reply your input on certain things. I really like writing for other people, and it makes me so happy when people are engaged in the story and even reply to certain things and give ideas for future story arcs as we go along. As we are playing Niche, there is certainly a slight theme of death, sadness, injury, and abandonment. If you don't like that, no worries! I will add a trigger warning before parts I think are too mature / triggering to some. Feel free to ask questions if there are any! I will usually be updating this on the weekends, though sometimes during the weekdays. If you are confused on how tribes work in this, no worries. I will be putting some more info out after the prologue. The Prologue... "Adam." A soft, gentle voice emerged from the bushes. And a nicheling, equally as soft in appearance appeared, dark lush leaves quietly rustling behind her. She was a small nicheling, yet had a large stocky body, and was covered in soft long fur. The kind of softness you would expect from a newborn bunnil. Her fur was a gentle faded russet, and she had the gift of dark coherent stripes, which gave her the appearance of a brown tiger. Even her small fangs didn't make her frightening, her aura was just simply... gentle. What you would expect from a nicheling, only bearing two-gems. She stopped at the edge of the forest, by a slightly brackish area of the gorgeous island they called home. The tall trees covering their home had stopped suddenly, and the grass was cut short. All that could be seen were a few dug up holes and a lonely tree-stump. "What are you doing over here?" She spoke softly, as a slight breeze passed through the island. Her long fur jostling gently in the wind. "Father is looking for you... you know, you're much too young to play alone." The nicheling spoke in the kind of tone you would expect from a kind mother, yet by her age - it was clear she was only his sister. Adam, a tiny ball of fluff sat in front of a shallow hole in the ground. It seemed as if he were looking for tangy roots, as a bit of a snack. Adam turned around, to face his only slightly older sister, as a bit of a smirk spread across his fanged face. He looked mischievous, and playful, ready to strike into a wrestling match at any point. But by the appearance on his sisters face, how could he? "Oh come on Lia... I wasn't gone for long...! Can't I play without you guys constantly watching my every move..." Adam sighed plaintively, turning back around to stare into the hole he had dug up by himself. Quite impressive for someone his size. Lia sighed, hunching her shoulders and slinking over to him, gently sitting down beside her younger brother. Her tail whipped gently in the wind, her soft wild fur sticking up as it blew in all directions. The satisfying sound of rustling tree-tops, and bushes sounded in the distance, and she stiffened. "It's not so bad. We're only looking out for you... dangerous things happen, but very rarely. What would happen if a big monster showed up and tried to bite you!" Her fur fluffed up, in order to make herself appear bigger as she joked to her brother. Lia chuckled, her fur flattening down against her stocky body. "What if it was bigger than father? Then what would you do!" Adam flinched at the basic description of a monster. Bigger than their father? Unheard of. Their father, Alder was larger than everyone else in their massive tribe. He towered above everyone, even the strongest and toughest hunters their tribe had to offer. For a mere second, he appeared frightened. But a monster was no match for Adam... he wasn't going to cower like some infant, surely he could beat anything on this island if he could dig crater-like holes! "Bigger than father? That's impossible, he's the biggest nicheling I've ever seen.... a-and Lia...! You... grr. Monsters aren't real anyway. I'm not a baby anymore. I have one gem now!" Adam turned towards his sister, standing up in a flash and puffing his chest out in order to seem tough. He flaunted his shiny white gem to his sister. He smirked, and rolled back down onto the ground, scratching his back against the dirt, his belly fur waving all over the place in the wind. "You know Lia." He sighed, staring up at the blue sky, there were only a few gorgeous white clouds in sight, and the weather was perfect. Not too hot, not too cold, and a lovely breeze to top it all off. "When I grow up, I'm gonna be the biggest and toughest hunter in all of this tribe. I will tower over everyone, just like Father, and have a big family of my own. I'll kill hundreds of bunnils, catch hundreds of stag-moles... and defeat the toughest of monsters!" Lia looked towards her younger brother, her eyes softened, and she smiled at him. The breeze was beginning to calm down, but it was still there, and her fur continued to jostle. Both her and her brother were from a unique family, her mother was blessed by the skies with gorgeous blue eyes, her father with size, her younger brother with the longest, sharpest fangs she had ever seen on such a young nicheling. If there was one defining feature about Lia, it would be her fur. It was soft, softer than the petals of a newly bloomed flower, as soft as a newborn bunnil, as her mother would say. Sure, his ambitions were certainly....crazy. But with that attitude, he could certainly achieve that. "You know what mother says?" She closed her eyes, thinking back to when she was his age, resting gently by her mother. "You can be anything you want to, as long as you try. As long as you put your heart into it. Ara will hear you, and she will give you time to achieve that." Lia opened her eyes, and looked towards Adam. Who seemed to be contemplating her words. She stepped closer to him, wrapping her long tail around his tiny body, the sun reflecting off their gorgeous white gems. They looked like large pearls, but as they got older... and the tribe recognized their ambitions. They would change. "You must not know who Ara is... right?" Lia softened her words, and leaned closer to her brother who seemed enraptured by her meaningful speech. "She is the goddess of time. Ara allows time to pass, for day and night to come. The time she has blessed us with allows us to age, and become how we always dreamed we would turn out. Mother says if Ara sees you, and recognizes you as special. She may bless you with the time to bloom. Like a flower." Adam closed his eyes, and was leaning against Lia, close to drifting off to sleep. But her words alerted him, and he sat up, slightly parting himself away from his sister. He looked at the ground, pawing away a small pebble that seemed to have bothered his sleeping position. He sighed, plaintively. "Do you think Ara will see me...? I'm not that special am I..." He stood up, and looked towards the sky, dark clouds were slowly encroaching and the breeze had stopped for now. "If she doesn't see me, the other gods and goddesses will right?" Adam asked, as she plopped himself back down onto the ground. "Everyone is special in their own way, but you Adam. You're the most special nicheling I know. You're the best brother I could ever ask for, and you will grow up and do great things. Whether you become the hunter you always dreamed of being, or the strong leader of this tribe. I would be proud of you no matter what, even if you become a scout or a gatherer. Even if you leave this tribe to do great things, I will always be proud. P-R-O-U-D." Lia stared towards the sky, noticing the new clouds approaching the island, specifically darker ones. Her ear twitched, but she mostly ignored it. If it began to rain, her and Adam would simply move under the thick canopy of blush toned leaves. Lia was different than most nichelings her age, others wanted to spend their time playing, and rough-housing with others their age. But Lia seemed more interested in the responsibility of helping her family, looking out for others, and other course spreading her mothers stories. She truly was a time ahead of others her age, much more mature than the standard juvenile with two-gems. "But Adam. You speak of other gods and goddesses? There are no others. Only Ara, for now of course. She is the ruler of the after-life, time was truly on her side. That's what mother says. She was one of the first nichelings in all the lands, and lived longer than anyone else to exist. She was beloved by the basic concept of time, but without her... it really wouldn't function. After she passed away..." Lia smiled, and looked towards Adam again, preparing to finish her story. The clouds were darker, and it wasn't as light out as before. But still, no sign of rain. Not a single drop had hit the ground yet. It was safe to continue. "The healer of the time had a dream, a dream where when she passed. The skies of time gifted her with a title, the goddess of time. And now she rules the afterlife. Without our healers, we would never know how she would turn out and she would simply be forgotten. That's why I want to be a healer. I want to be the next nicheling to aid our tribe and speak of a new god... or goddess." The breeze had silently returned, and of course, Lia noticed, as her fur was jostling all around. It was much stronger this time. She took note of how perplexed Adam appeared. He seemed to be contemplating what she had said, thinking hard. Silently, Adam stood up and moved towards the stump, and stood on top of it. The sky was dark, but their spirit was not. He smiled, his sisters words always comforted him... assuring his thoughts went only to good things. "If you were to become a healer, you couldn't have a family of your own. The job is very important... right? If you did, you would have to give up your children to someone else... that's what you want Lia? He cocked his head to the side slightly, as he turned to face her. His thoughts certainly were childish, but that was to be expected from a juvenile. It all came from a place of good heart. "Look Adam. I love being in a family. But the duty of a healer is very important to me, just like how being a strong hunter is important to you. Even if our ambitions are different, they are both important in different ways. And besides... haven't you heard? I'm not your only sibling anymore." Lia smiled, her tail curling around her body and her ears twitching. She laid against the ground, in a very relaxed manner. Considering the fact they would be facing quite the nasty storm soon, it seemed Lia was just too focused on speaking to her brother. "Mother gave birth to another daughter earlier this morning, after you left to go play. The labor was hard, but it was worth it. Your little sister is beautiful, she looks just like mother. She has her light fur, and blue eyes. Her name is Mouse, because she is so tiny." Quick trigger warning: separation, injury, blood, heart-wrenching sadness, and death. Suddenly, thunder crashed down against the the island. Causing both Lia and Adam to jump in fright. Adam began to shake, as rain poured down and the ear splitting sound of thunder continued. There were bright, blinding flashes of lightning as Lia desperately bolted towards her brother. They should have gone back sooner, they needed to get to camp fast. Or else they would be stranded in some of the worst weather both Lia and Adam had ever seen on this island. Lia stopped in her tracks, her long fur was matted and tangled as she was pelted in what felt like sharp claws piercing through her fur into her skin. This rain dropped down like a tree to someones face, and worst of all, a sound. One she had never heard before, but was quickly able to decipher sounded all too close. A shriek...? What was that. Cawing. Bird. LARGE, bird. The sound echoed across the island, and through the muffled air. The sound was somehow everywhere, that disgusting cawing... shrieking of a bird continued. Until she was met with deep... yet bright piercing yellow eyes as it somehow glided effortlessly through the horrid weather. "ADAM! LOOK OUT!" Lia cried out as the bird swooped down, she watched unable to do anything, devastated, ruined, as it grabbed her younger brother with one easy swipe. He was easy prey to such a bird all along, and no one knew it had been quietly waiting in the tree for the perfect moment to strike. "ADAM! ADAM PLEASE!" There was another shriek but it wasn't from the bird, Adam cried in pain as the talons of the bird ripped into his back, gripping tight as it prepared to take him... somewhere. Where was it taking him? Was the only though racing through her mind as she desperately tried to do something. "LIA! LIA! LIA.... DON'T LET IT TAKE ME!" Adam's voice, growing quieter and more of an echo as the bird went away with him. Lia backed under a tree, desperate to do something. She knew she couldn't. Adam would die to such a bird, and she just had to sit and take it. Then. Lightning struck the tree, a large branch splitting from the trunk and crashing down on top of the small body of Lia. There wasn't another cry from her, another plead from her as she tried to get her brother back. Not even a hopeless cry of defeat. Just devastating silence as she was simply crushed under a heavy tree-branch. The shrieks of Lia, Adam, and that damn bird were gone. Just howling wind, and pattering rain was left, as her blood seeped into the puddle forming under the fallen branch. A blood bath, a massacre of two innocent nichelings. To be continued...
  5. There was an eerie silence after CB replied. All that could be heard was the rustling of leaves as the wind began to pick up, blowing stronger, and the deep sound of waves crashing. The sky had gone dark, yet it was day-time. It was apparently a storm of some sorts was approaching. Marigold sighed. She looked at them both, her claws retracting back as she felt more comfortable. "Just... listen." She lowered her head slightly, her flat tail slightly flicking as her tangled fur rustled in the strong winds. "I'm new to these islands. I just washed up here one day. I don't know my way around this place... I've only really known this island. I barely remember my family. I've been here since I only had one gem to my name. I'm just lost on what to do." She lifted her head, now noticing the approaching storm. Marigold widened her eyes, her pointed ears flicking in alarm.
  6. Marigold was silent, she blinked. Sort of in denial. She wanted to believe everyone was against her, it was a great strategy... especially living alone on a dangerous island. Trusting nobody would surely be the way to go, at least, in her mind and beliefs. Gulls shrieked in the distance, waves crashed hard as the tide began to surge as evening came. "I don't believe you." Marigold stated point blank. No way would she trust random nichelings she just met. Almost naturally, her claws unsheathed. Prepared to fight if necessary. "The way you were following me..." She then threw her head towards CB. "And you! Stalking me. There's no way you're not from some group or tribe, trying to run me off this territory that isn't yours!" Marigold snarled.
  7. Sorry, Sorry, Sorry! Been super busy and not feeling well, will start again. ^-^
  8. Marigold looked towards Moon, her face contorted into a nervous snarl. She was silent as she stared deeply at the both of them. "Why... Why are you here? This isn't tribe territory... justβ€” leave me alone!" The breeze had stopped, and clouds, now dark and deep covered the sun. Her scruffy matted fur now much more visible with less splotchy shadows. She looked rather pitiful if you got a good enough look on her. She was extremely skinny, just skin and bones she clearly had not eaten for days, maybe even weeks. Her fur was tangled, almost mangy in some spots, and her small antlers were chipped and battered.
  9. Marigold threw her head towards the grassy highlands, up high across the rocky crags and cliffs that erosion and salt build-up had created over time. "I know you're other there! You know it isn't cool to watch others like that!" She yowled as loud as she could, her voice shaky from anxiety. The truth was, Marigold wasn't even that sure where they were. The wind was blowing from all directions, the scent was practically everywhere! There was no possible way to pin-point their location. "Come out if you're here to fight!" She held out her paw, one that was blessed with sharp hooked claws. Surviving alone was hard, making friends was out of the question. It felt as if everyone were against her on this awful island.
  10. Still cautious, Marigold opened her mouth slightly to get a stronger whiff of the salted air. Her blue eyes reflecting off the remaining sun, which was slowly being covered by layers of puffy ivory clouds. "Friends...?" Marigold paused, silence filling the atmosphere. Only sounds of crashing waves and gulls could be heard. Even the scuttling crabbits had disappeared down the beach. "I wouldn't hurt anyone." She spat, straightening herself up. Her stomach practically roared from hunger, she felt like she was being torn apart from the inside. "I'm just trying to find something to eat." She muttered, followed by a sigh. Berry bushes were picked clean, and bunnils and crabbits were far too agile for her to catch. Her attention followed back to that strange scent. "Another nicheling is here." She spoke, much louder this time. With a certain clarity of importance.
  11. The scent of another nicheling wafted by as a strong gust of wind came from South of the island. Marigold narrowed her eyes, another nicheling was close. Her pointed ears flattened, and she lowered herself down to get a better scent. They were definitely near, which made her increasingly nervous.
  12. Silently, Marigold contemplated her response as she stared deeply at the nicheling. Running wasn't an option, her webbed hind-legs allowed her to gain speed in the water, but on land..? She was practically useless. Her flat tail lashed slightly. "Wouldn't you like you know!" She spat back, nervously. Her voice shrill and youthful, appropriate for only having two gems. "You were following me, so, explain yourself."
  13. Cautious footsteps against rough pebbles sounded in the distance, a wave of fear suddenly hit Marigold like a fallen tree to the face. For a split second, she contemplated whether to turn around, or run away from whoever was close. She wasn't oblivious to the tribes around this forsaken island and knew how territorial they could be. Though this beach didn't smell of anyone, there was no way she was on a tribes territory... Marigold whipped around to stare at the nicheling, who seemed to be following from a distance. Her back arched upon seeing them, and she took a cautious step back. "Who... who are you!" This was the first time she had seen another nicheling close by, the first time she hadn't seen one only by watching from afar. They were right there.
  14. North of the Willow Tribe, Marigold stalked the sea shore. Though, against her paws was not the soft relief of chilled sand, rather dark pebbles against the crags and cliffs which waves would crash against at high tide. Marigold sighed, lowering her head as her stalk continued. She plaintively followed a crabbit as it skittered across the pebbly shore. A small titch sounding against the pebbles each time it took a quick step. She stopped, giving up, throwing her head back to stare at the ocean. She was starved, her ribs showing, and her fur tangled and matted. Beaten by the strong winds which were frequent on this island which she found she could not leave, no matter how hard to tried. She missed her family, her past life. She could barely remember what led to her washing ashore here, but all she could wish was that it never happened. Her blue eyes twinkled as light reflected off of them.
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