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  1. Oasisstar gave birth to two kits! They are both healthy and the birth went well! The long-haired one is a she-kit named Pumakit The short-haired one is a tom named Pigeonkit
  2. Snakefang was bitten by a Malayan Krait but luckily Shrikewing was able to treat his bit with an anti-venin made with jellyfish venom.
  3. Oasisstar fell ill with a cold and most stay in the medicine den for one day and one night, however she will be ok
  4. I wrote my own version of what can be used as a medical item. I drew a lot of inspiration from the Tea Cup Simmer but I changed it so that it only includes items that I have because I don't have a lot of the dlcs and I made some different medical items as well. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1M5uVsJnGx827QJ10JaoftySDwmiTHdQvkxmXbxsxE84/edit?usp=sharing
  5. Oasisstar trotted over to her mate Snakefang happily and purred “I have some good news” Snakefang tilted his head, confused, he was never the smartest cat so he had no clue what was going on “What is it?” “We’re expecting kits!” she purred happily “Really? That’s great!” he purred back and nuzzled his mate
  6. As night fell upon the Moon Lake, Oasisrock awoke in the stars. Nine cats awaited to give her nine lives, all cats who had died in the drought that killed so many cats. The first cat to approach her was her mother, who touched her nose to Oasisrock’s forehead “With this life I give you motherly love. Use it well to care for Sunclan” The next cat to approach her was her father “With this life I give you courage. Use it well to protect your clan” Then her mentor “With this life I give you strength. Use it well to protect your clan” Next, her best friend “With this life I give you friendship. Use it well to keep your clan together” Then the previous medicine cat of Sunclan “With this life I give you wisdom. Use it well to make wise decisions” Next her brother “With this life I give you adventure. Use it well to find good things for Sunclan” Then her sister “With this life I give you justice. Use it well to do what’s best for Sunclan” Next the deputy “With this life I give you boldness. Use it well to be confident even when you make mistakes” And lastly, the previous leader of Sunclan, Sandstar, approached Oasisrock “I hail you by your new name, Oasisstar. Your old life is no more. You have now received the nine lives of a leader and Starclan grants you the guardianship of Sunclan. Defend it well; care for young and old; honour your ancestors and the Warrior Code; live each life with pride and dignity.” And with that, Oasisrock became Oasisstar, the new leader of Sunclan. Oasisstar wept, seeing all of her late clan mates was a very bittersweet experience and she couldn’t help but cry.
  7. A fluffy tortoiseshell she-cat walked into Sunclan’s camp. Oasisrock looked at her cautiously “Who are you?” she asked “Shrikewing” the she-cat replied “I received a message from Starclan that I should come here” “Starclan? Are you a medicine cat?” Oasisrock asked, surprised “Ya, I’m from a clan far away from here, I didn’t like it there anyway so I was alright to leave” Shrikewing said, her tail swishing behind her absently “Welcome to Sunclan then, we really need a medicine cat so I’m glad that you’re here” Oasisrock smiled “You’re the leader then?” Shrikewing asked “Hm, I guess so” Oasisrock sighed “I’m the only member of the original Sunclan left” “So you didn’t receive your nine lives?” Shrikewing asked “No” Oasisrock replied “Do that then, that’s what Starclan would want” Shrikewing commanded Oasisrock felt excitement bubble up inside of her “ok! I’ll go to the Moon Lake right away!” she could barely contain her excitement, she was going to become the leader of Sunclan! Oasisrock informed Snakefang about where she was going before she and Shrikewing set off to the Moon Lake. This journey would be difficult without travel herbs, but they would push through.
  8. Snakefang certainly seems like a name not suitable for a cat as cute and fluffy as him, but his fighting skills make up for it. Snakefang was raised by rogues who were banished from clans and worshiped the Dark Forest. Snakefang knew how to fight from a very young age just to keep himself alive. The drought hit his group hard and they all left him behind to find greener pastures (literally), seeing him as more of a burden than anything. Snakefang didn’t let this dissumade him, however, it just made him want to change his ways and become a cat better than his parents.
  9. Oasispaw and Snakefang spent a few moons together in their empty clan, growing closer to each other each day. They fell in love and became mates quickly, possibly too quickly, but they couldn’t help how they felt about each other. Only time will tell what will happen with their romance. After this happened Oasispaw decided that it was time she had a warrior name. Snakefang had been very supportive and encouraged her to make herself a full warrior because she deserved it. Oasispaw became Oasisrock, named after her colour and her willpower.
  10. Oasispaw was jolted awake when she smelt cats nearby. She hurried to the origin of the scent where she found a group of 6 cats in part of Sunclan’s territory. The cats were likely attracted by the abundance of prey in her old hunting grounds. Out of habit, she prepared to fight them before remembering that she needed cats for her clan. She approached each cat and spoke to them, trying to find who she got along with and who would make good members of her clan. She spent the day with these cats to find out who would be well-suited for clan life. By sunfall, she decided to invite Snake into the clan because the two of them wrestled and Oasispaw was impressed by Snake’s fighting skills. Snake enthusiastically accepted her invitation, excited to begin his life in the clan. Oasispaw changed his name to Snakefang and he became a warrior, despite Oasispaw refusing to make herself one until she fully restored her clan. It was safe to say that Oasispaw was the De facto leader of SunClan, but she would not officially take that role until she had at least one more cat in her clan. Oasispaw caught fleas due to her adventure to meet the loners, however, she did not have a cat trained in medicine to rid her and Snakefang of their fleas so they would have to bear it. (feel free to submit an OC to join SunClan as a medicine cat or otherwise!
  11. A stray dog appeared on Sunclan’s territory and Oasispaw nearly jumped out of her fur when she saw the big hairy beast. She wanted to fight it but common sense told her that there was no way she could fight a dog on her own so she did her best to avoid the mutt, though she yearned to battle it off of her territory.
  12. I followed this guide and now my mods work! Finally! https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1131162350
  13. Sorry for the series being very slow, I can’t for the love of god get my mods to work so I’m waiting on Reddit to help me. Fingers crossed it works.
  14. I decided to make my own version of what prey is dangerous to cats because I am unsatisfied with the original one. This list includes non-harmful venomous prey because I feel like making it more of a challenge. Each animal has a different chance of hurting a cat depending on their skill and how dangerous the animal is. Poisonous and venomous animals can be identified by the medicine cat and prepared to be an antivenin or antidote. There is a 50% chance of envenomation for each lost hunt against a venomous animal, what happens after that is dependent on the risk level of each animal. I’m deleting all of the animals on this list that I don’t have the packs for. Low risk: 1-80: the cat is fine 81-95: the cat has mild symptoms 95-98: the cat has severe symptoms 99-100: the cat will die if not treated Medium risk: 1-50: the cat is fine 51-75: the cat has mild symptoms 76-90: the cat has severe symptoms 90-100: the cat will die if not treated High risk: 1-20: the cat is fine 21-40: the cat has mild symptoms 41-70: the cat has severe symptoms 71-100: the cat will die if not treated Venomous: Lizards: Pygmy Komodo Dragon (high risk) Snakes: Garter Snake (low risk) San Francisco Garter Snake (low risk) Malayan Krait Snake (high risk) Rodents: Shrew (low risk) Aquatic Animals: Jellyfish (high risk) Deathfish (high risk) Beetles: Spider (medium risk) Non-venomous dangerous animals: Lizards: Iguana (low risk) Rodents: Rat (low risk) Womrat (low risk) Pygmy Hedgehog (low risk) Birds: Parakeet (medium risk) Large birds: Cockatoo (medium risk) African Grey Parrot (medium risk) Blue-Gold Macaw (medium risk) Catalina Macaw (medium risk) Yellow-Naped Amazon (medium risk) Falcon (medium risk) Spotted Sixam (low risk to adults, high risk to kits) Aquatic Animals: Piranha (medium risk) Shark (high risk) Vampire Fish (medium risk) Lobster (medium risk) Robot Fish (high risk) Beetles: Termite (low risk) Poisonous: Aquatic Animals: Blowfish (high risk) Robot Fish (high risk) Sewer trilobite (medium risk)
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