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  1. Heyyy I’m back once again, it’s been a while, there’s been a lot of things that changed about me since last time so I should do a bit of a reintroduction I’m Andreas, I’m a trans male and my pronouns are it/he/xe. I’m still living in Canada and I still have my three cats Johnny, Jenny and Little Kitty, but I also have two dogs now named Yuki and Luna My current obsessions are Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure, Wolvden, Lioden, and Spiderverse. I’m thinking I need to join some rps on here again ^^ I had a hard September this year, I had a bit of a mental breakdown but I am much better now I also had my arm broken in May 2022 and finished a book in the same month I believe I have a partner right now so that’s fun I can’t think of anything else to say but hello again! Edit: I am now realizing that I don’t think anyone knows me anymore, which makes sense honestly Yuki Jenny Luna
  2. Just realized that lasts time I came back my gender was different also omg but anyway I’m a trans male now
  3. Hey, it has been a long time since I’ve been on here (so long in fact that my gender has changed 😅), I keep saying I’ll make a new Sims 3 Warriors challenge and it never happens but there has been a lot happening in my life. Still might do it at some point though since I found it quite fun! Anyway, to the point, is there a way to use console commands on the switch? And if so how do I do it?
  4. Doubt any of you even remember me lmao I haven’t been on for like a year
  5. Hiiiii I left again for a while I’m so sorry lmao I have a different gender than last time I was here Sorry I forgot about Warriors sims 3 again
  6. So I completely forgot about this and I also got into Genshin Impact lol but I'm running out of things to do on it so I’ll probably start this soon
  7. Would you want Blackcloud or Rabbitlight to be a med cat more because I’m going to make Cormorantpaw the med app
  8. Would they be a med cat app or a normal app? Also since I can't make non-binary cats what gender should I make them?
  9. Would any of them be a med cat? And should I make Jackdaw and Vixen loners/rouges or should I put them in the Clan and you tell me their warrior names?
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