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  1. (Moon) I’m tired I should go to bed... He thought before walking over to the nursery (star) “Hello!” she squeaked “I'm Starkit!”
  2. (moon) “see you!” he mewed (star) “Sure!” she mewed
  3. (moon) Moonkit smiled before taking a bite of his fish (star) “Nice to meet you Pearlstorm!” she mewed happily
  4. I stole my sister’s but I have one of my own
  5. When it says write one tribe is it like one of the tribes at the beginning or one of the official tribes?
  6. Name: Starsight Gender/Pronouns: she/her Looks: Other: Nightwing and Icewing hybrid that can read minds and see the future (the way that Clearsight can)
  7. (Moon) Moonkit puffed his chest in pride (Star) "really?"
  8. (moon) “yes, I’m Moonkit!” (star) “oh ok...”
  9. (moon) “hi!” he meowed before he put his fish down to eat it (star) “arent cats in MoonClan supposed to have night themed names?” she mewed
  10. (moon) Moonkit decided to eat beside the stump (star) “woooooowww...” she mewed
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