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  1. Misc. Art I've made in the past 4 months (in order from oldest to newest so you can so the improvement)
  2. I want to draw some wof so submit either ocs (original characters) or ccs (cannon characters) or both and I'll draw them Example(s): Form: Picture: Tribe(s): Headshot or full body: Name (if cc):
  3. Can you just pass it on to someone else?
  4. She looked around to see who it was
  5. I don't remember you being rude before 😅
  6. Name: Starsight Pronouns/Gender: She/her Tribe: Night/Ice Looks: Other: can read minds, can see the future (the way starsight can if that's ok), can breathe both fire and ice
  7. I completely forgot I'll try to do that today but my laptop is on it's last legs so I might have to download it on my new one or steal my sister’s
  8. (moon) (roll) (star) “Spiritstar?” she mewed “were you the leader before Moonstar?”
  9. (moon) Moonkit curled up beside her (star) “Nice to meet you!” she mewed
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