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  1. Mothpool

    I’m back

    Tysm! I think I remember you too
  2. Mothpool

    I’m back

    Doubt any of you even remember me lmao I haven’t been on for like a year
  3. Mothpool

    I’m back

    Hiiiii I left again for a while I’m so sorry lmao I have a different gender than last time I was here Sorry I forgot about Warriors sims 3 again
  4. So I completely forgot about this and I also got into Genshin Impact lol but I'm running out of things to do on it so I’ll probably start this soon
  5. Would you want Blackcloud or Rabbitlight to be a med cat more because I’m going to make Cormorantpaw the med app
  6. Would they be a med cat app or a normal app? Also since I can't make non-binary cats what gender should I make them?
  7. Would any of them be a med cat? And should I make Jackdaw and Vixen loners/rouges or should I put them in the Clan and you tell me their warrior names?
  8. @Mod the non-Mod @Chiyanna would any of your cats want to be the leader? If so, I’ll put them in a random generator to choose one
  9. You can give me Sunkit but idk if I’ll be able to make them a kit
  10. What gender should I make Vixin in the game since I sadly can't make non-binary cats
  11. Knowing their general personalities would be nice too
  12. Thanks, I might re-join it sometime in the future
  13. I don't think I will be doing that sorry
  14. Also my writings gotten way better and I will be writing stories for everything exciting that happens instead of just saying what happened
  15. I made a new place for this, all of the original story is discontinued sadly 😔
  16. I'm restarting this since I got a new laptop, feel free to re-submit your ocs or submit new ones
  17. Hello! I haven't been here for forever but I'm probably going to start being active again! I also have a few things to say Warriors Sims 3: I will be restarting this sometime since I got a new laptop, but the laptop I'm using right now might need to get replaced so I won't be starting it yet Into The Wild Stop-Motion Movie: I will be making an Into The Wild stop motion movie so if you want to be a VA feel free to audition! All roles open except Sandpaw https://discord.gg/xmcjXgaudp
  18. Misc. Art I've made in the past 4 months (in order from oldest to newest so you can so the improvement)
  19. I want to draw some wof so submit either ocs (original characters) or ccs (cannon characters) or both and I'll draw them Example(s): Form: Picture: Tribe(s): Headshot or full body: Name (if cc):
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