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  1. Hopping to his paws, Wulfy did his best to follow. He managed better then his previous attempts at walking, not to mention running for that matter, but he was still slow, and clumsy, and fumbled as he moved.
  2. With a "Hah!" of triumph, Mist took what little she had managed to get and moved over to Plum. With the paw that was the least coveredin berry juice, she gave a cub a light shake. "I have some food for you," Mist said, holding her paw out.
  3. Wulfy, now also worried, looked back at his friend before listening around to see if, just maybe, he can figure out where the noise came from. He wasn't too hopeful that he'd find it, but he wanted to at least try. "Did . . . did you hear it too?" He asked his friend. In all honesty, Wulfy didn't think that it could speak, but it seemed to understand him, at least a little bit anyway. He turned his head around in different directions, as he couldn't quite move his ears just yet, and listened to the sounds around him.
  4. [Ahhhhhhhhhh! I am rising from the dead] [Hello, I am back. What'd I miss?] [Edit: not too much apparently]
  5. With a hiss, Mist shook herself out to get rid of the sticks. With a huff, she grabbed at the berries. "I can deal with my arm after," she thought.
  6. Hearing a shout in the distance, Wulfy attempted to climb out of the nest, and, just like the times before, tripped. With a yelp of surprise, he went face first into the dirt.
  7. @Chiyanna [ Holy shit, sorry for being inactive for awhile, I've been busy :,) ] [ I still will be for awile, if you need to progress with the storyline asap with my characters, you can go ahead and play them till I get back, and you can fill me in on what happened ] [ Sorry for the inconvenience ]
  8. Wulfy Standing up, Wulfy stretched as the creature woke up. Giving himself a bit of a shake he decided he should see if he can find anyone else around. Mist Yanking her paw back in surprise, she gave the berry bush an annoyed growl, and took a swipe at it. Maybe she can get some off of it that way. Then she would have to wake up Plum to get them to eat as well.
  9. "Good morning," Wulfy said, turning to look at his new friend. He wondered if it had a name . . . With a groan, Mist set Plum down. She hoped she would have better luck trying to get the berries this time around . . .
  10. Wulfy sat up to see the sky better With a yelp of surprise, Mist jumped to her paws. "I don't think so, Plum." Leaning down, Mist picked up Plum and started walking. "Looks like I need to find food now. No way am I leaving this cub here alone . . . . Maybe I can find a berry bush or something, hunting might be had to do while staying close to Plum . . ." she thought.
  11. Wulfy let out a sigh, his friend was still there. Looking up at the sky, he watched the sun rise. With a yawn, Mist rose her head and looked around. Plum was still there, that was good. "I'm gonna have to go look for food . . ." she thought, flexing her claws. "but I'll wait till Plum wakes up."
  12. Jerking awake, Wulfy looked around in panic, only to realize it was just a dream
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