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  1. lol I use Blender because it's free Here's some that I made The first 3D model I ever made The second I made
  2. yee, pattern textures for the nicheling-bearyena genes
  3. No, because 1) I don't have a 3D printer and 2) I don't own Niche, printing out the models (even if it's for personnel use only) could land me in hot water without express permission to do so I'm only playing around with the models to help me learn how to make my own stuff Just using them as a learning tool Asset Studio
  4. Hm hm hm hm hm~ I'm having fun with this, still haven't got the whole texturing thing down just yet as the textures keep turning all black and disappearing on me, but I'm figuring things out slowly
  5. Oh man, it's been years since I was in an RP Welp, here we go Form ~¤~Name~¤~ Mist ~¤~Gender/pronouns~¤~ she/her ~¤~Genes and Appearance~¤~ ~¤~Basic personality~¤~ Quiet, stern, she usually keeps to herself unless others are causing trouble, not afraid to face down anyone or anything that could be a threat (bearyena, rogue, or otherwise) ~¤~Info about the island(s) their mother was from/their parents/their backstory~¤~ Her mother was a healer and spent most of her time trying to cure her sick packmates, also just as serious as Mist is. Her father was a guard and took-out many threats (sometimes that meant mercy killing the sickest members of the pack that were too sick to do anything but lay there and slowly die) They are from the burning savana ~¤~Photos of her parents because why not~¤~ ~¤~Other~¤~ Mist absolutely despises stinky fruit and cold weather. Will mercy kill nichelings like her father did
  6. Enjoy a mix between First Winter and Snowy Peaks~ https://rave.dj/5qSQaxHGDb8LtA I think the best one I've made with this would be Unravel and Deathly Loneliness Attacks mixed
  7. Lmao My stupid ass when I haven't slept for the past 48ish hours This happens . . . I've slept now, just woke up Lol
  8. Omg thank you! My poor sleep deprived brain didn't even notice that it had the lean body, smh . . . Lmao
  9. It could be anything, a head, paw, leg, colour, pattern, eye colour or shape, body, ears Anything For me, it would have to be a gene that can mix the pattern types. Like having the mask pattern but also having stripes layered on top as well Or a calico pattern Edit: I'm changing my answer, I would want a nocturnal gene thing, like the old demo has
  10. I don't need the C pattern, the gene's are just jank Still can't get it quite the same though . . .
  11. Really now . . . ? *sniff* Alrighty then . . . The pattern gene's arn't even remotely the same . . . did I really need to put the C pattern in the inactives . . . smh Don't mind my rambling, I haven't slept yet Lmao
  12. Not the first time this has happened . . . it's frustrating . . .
  13. I can't get the stupid pattern gene's to look the same, the closest I and get is it reversed 😭 This is what I want l l l l V V This is what I get when I put the same pattern genes in l l l l V V And this is the closest I can get it . . . AND IT'S IN REVERSE :') l l l l V V Cry :')
  14. I headcanon that nicheling/bearyena hybrids are infertile, kinda like a lot of IRL hybrids Obviously they arn't in game unless they they got the short end of the stick genetics wise I also headcanon that if a nicheling looks more bird than dog/cat (has both feathered wings and the bird beak), then it lays eggs (the platypus nichelings also lay eggs). Also any nicheling that fly's has hollow bones to help them fly, otherwise they would be too heavy for their wings to be able to get them off the ground
  15. I figured out what this is It's the placeholder nicheling that's inside the ice-blocks
  16. Just realised I didn't add the mane, oop I'll add that later, lmao
  17. I use Blender lol, it sure feels like it's gonna take 100 years trying to find a good tutorial for what I need has been hell. I just gave up looking for a tutorial and just started clicking random things to see what it did till I found what I was looking for, lmao
  18. I'm still figuring things out, lol I know how to make models (been working at just that the past year-and-a-half, now I'm figuring out how to colour them next time I do this, I am keeping the pieces separate instead of linking them together, omfg kill me Then I'll get around to animating them at some point and everything that comes along with that Too bad I cant render them though, my laptop ends up having a seizure and just dies lmao
  19. the fun begins doing this with a mouse sucks, I need to find my pen . . .
  20. yep, that works now to make it look like fur making stuff look like fur sucks, it never wants to look right, lol
  21. This is what Sesshomaru's dog form looks like for those who haven't watched 'Inuyasha'
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