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  1. Yeah, that causes self-destruction too.
  2. Just place a Directional Sensor targeting the nearest enemy. You can set the nearest enemy for the main detection, and the mission target for the fallback.
  3. You don't really even need the recoil downgrade, unless you're using Minigun. Oddly, the recoil can get so massive that the weapon self-destructs. Though for me, I'd put either Fire Rate III or Big Explosion.
  4. Causes projectiles to explode if an enemy is in its explosion radius, adds a small explosion if the projectile doesn't explode by default, and branches from Cluster Explosion. This could help weapons that fire explosives by default (grenade launchers especially), weapons that have Big Explosion, and weapons that fire multiple bullets.
  5. The Sniper has returned! It's a very slow-firing weapon that deals extreme amounts of damage per shot, and supports Big Explosion. Give it multiple projectiles with its perfect accuracy and it becomes a force to be reckoned with.
  6. With the title saying "Jet engine thruster," I thought this would be a powerful thruster that only works in areas with normal air resistance or higher.
  7. I just moved the segment that had the weapon parts to here and kept the rest in feature requests.
  8. Oh yeah, accuracy exists. Also, I didn't even think about DPS for digging strength. That would be good too.
  9. Automated weapons that can fire at, damage, and destroy projectiles. Different projectile types could have different amounts of health (shotgun bullets would have the least health, rockets would have a moderate amount of health, and grenades would have the most health), determining how hard they would be to shoot down. This could be applied in the form of an upgrade, or maybe a different weapon or block entirely. Moved from Feature Requests to Drone Part Suggestions.
  10. Cannon A bit of a hybrid between the grenade launcher and the blaster. Deals medium-heavy damage with a medium-low fire rate, and fires medium-speed, exploding projectiles shaped similarly to rockets with heavy recoil and high accuracy. Compatible upgrades: Bullet tree, Big Explosion, damage upgrades and the downgrade, elemental damage upgrades, digging upgrades, fire rate and projectile count upgrades, recoil and accuracy branches, shootforce upgrades, air resistance upgrades and downgrades (there's a bug in the two downgrades, where the first downgrade has no title and the second downgr
  11. A 5x5 hollow block that can contain a 2x2 block, or 9 1x1 blocks, or 4 2x2 blocks, or a 3x3 block, or even a small hollow block with something inside that. Plus, there's only a small hollow block and a normal hollow block, so why not add a large hollow block into the mix? Copied and pasted this from my original post I made in the feature requests forum and deleted the original. I didn't know about this forum before posting my original post.
  12. Definitely. But add 2x2, 4x4, and 6x6 as well.
  13. lol i actually made a similar post in the feature requests forum because i didn't know this forum existed until now
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