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  1. As it stands, the Grappling Hook needs one more output: Fully Extended. Wheels are... going to be fun to deal with. Make a balloon block that is basically the ballast but inverted, and then the combination of the two will be useful as a sort of passive stabilization system. The code for the ballast exists already, so just copy/paste a new coding object describing a block that has either negative mass or negative gravity multiplier or (if Unity does not support negative masses/changing gravity per object) a special force that applies opposite to gravity and twice in magnitude on the balloon block only.
  2. Similar things could be done with Brawl, to make it more fair.
  3. I would argue with the rest of the others. Exponential growth is not a thing that is to be challenged, and actually is SUPER exponential. Exponential can be seen as an infinite polynomial with the nth term divided by n factorial. However, the wait (whose inverse is the coefficient of the new polynomial) grows only one instead of the 362,880x it does for just the 10th term. Go look it up, interesting stuff. I would actually reccommend a NERF for factories spawning factories: Every factory has a base count of 1 second/part. If a factory has been attached, all the parts attached to that would double the cooldown for those parts on the original factory. If a third factory is attached to the second factory, the second factory would receive the double and the first factory would receive TRIPLE that cooldown of that factory, or 6x total. If that factory would be attached to the first factory. In this example, the factory-producer's cooldown would be 4 (the buffer, VTOL, fuel tank, and factory)+10 (the spike, VTOL, fuel tank, and two thrusters)*2 (for being the factory, or 14.
  4. This would help with stabilization computers.
  5. This needs an XOR/XNOR implementation. How would this work? For 2, it is simple enough. (if only one is on, output ON if not, output OFF). For 3 onwards, even numbers turn the gate off, and odd numbers turn the gate on. Obviously, this would be flipped for the XNOR gates. Also, the Tag system acts like an OR gate with the key adjacent to them. This means that you can have OR gates with at most 4 inputs.
  6. As a idea, yes. How about the other fringe missions like Destroy pirate hideout, where you actually fight a pirate ship as a drone? Other ideas I had would involve a second ending mission, where instead of finding and collecting your Warp Drive, you had to destroy the Corp ship with your warp drive inside.
  7. The way you worded this is unclear. Besides, you can click a part and see all the thing it has remotely attached to it, and can easily improve structural integrity with the blocks you already have.
  8. This would also be very useful, and easier to implement, for fuel. However, memorize these values and don't worry about either issue again. Reference: 1 fuel/energy cell = 1 Single Block's worth of space being taken up by a fuel/energy storage block that regenerates. Fuel: 2 small thrusters = 1 fuel cell 1 normal thruster = 1 fuel cell 1 VTOL = 1 fuel cell 4 Jump thrusters = 3 fuel cells (its usage is not a multiple of 4) 1 Dynamic Thruster <= 1 fuel cell (basically it uses 8 fuel if at maximum thrust) 1 Afterburner = 10 fuel cells Energy: 1 Shield = 4 energy cells 1 Heater/Cooler <= 20 energy cells (its usage is equal to its strength, and it outputs that) 1 Small Magnet = 2 energy cells 1 Big Magnet = 5 Energy Cells (oddly enough, usage does not change with radius OR strength) 1 Saw = 2 Energy Cells 1 Drill = 1 Energy Cell 1 Resource Collector = 1 energy cell Ranged Weapons are where it gets tricky, because the maximum is only attained after 4 or 10 seconds, and IS NOT DISPLAYED AT ALL (and thus I assume not calculated), however ranged weapons can go from 0 energy cells ([any weapon] with both energy efficiency upgrades (20%+80%=100%)) to a maximum of 9 (sniper (15) with minigun (+200% after 4 seconds) and no energy efficiency upgrades). These are obviously extreme cases, and usually will stay at about 2-3 for most ranged weapons.
  9. Well, you are immobile as long as you are spatially anchored anyway, that is how you balance it. Also would be nice to see a rotating anchor, so that turrets could easily be made.
  10. For the generators I was thinking small, maybe 1x2 (because size matters) and just fill at a ratio of 5 energy : 8 fuel (spatially required, otherwise one system would be preferred over the other), maximum 50 energy/80 fuel used per second. This could be on a keybind, so that fuel and energy is not always being exchanged. Also, maybe instead of JUST a single Ion Jet (the oversimplified real life concept is this: it uses fuel, but at a negligible rate and requires energy, basically your "hydro thruster" concept), have the current thrusters be moved to fuel and add energy-powered equivalents, or the small ion jet (10/2.5)*, medium ion jet(30/5), VTOL ion jet (10/5), Jump Drive(Jump thruster) (40/3.75), dynamic ion jet (0~30/0~5), and warp drive (afterburner) (150/50) into the energy tab. The code is already there, and can easily be copied and pasted with new assets made for them and fuel use changed to energy use. *(x/y) basically means a thrust force of x and a usage of y energy per second. Also, Hydro thruster is dumb and ridiculous, because hydro makes me think of water. Water thruster? No. You meant Energy thruster, or ergo thruster.
  11. One thing that could happen is that collection missions could have a higher chance of spawning, to the point where you HAVE to complete at least one collection mission to go to the next area.
  12. The last mission CANNOT be done by simple gun overproduction. It will certainly help doing it, but will not get it done.
  13. You are distinctly forgetting about collector missions and the few edge-location missions that exist, which are not as simple as screw the planet over and win. Although, yes, there are enough destroy missions to get to the end anyway, you cannot use that thing for a mission that is not that. The final mission is also a collector mission, so you have to come up with a collector drone. For example: Collect Fossil. You need to 1) get to the underground fossil, 2) collect it, 3) get to the container, and 4) release it into the container.
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