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  1. @SafiraCoyfolf Hewo, These are amazing! I'd love to see some more ^^
  2. Thank you ^^ Hmmm.... What is an idiot sandwich I wonder? 🙃
  3. WintersEcho

    cool animals

    This is a sugar glider (They are so cute! I've always wanted one as a little pocket pet ^^) They are like little flying squirrels
  4. WintersEcho

    cool animals

    Aren't female hyenas born with "those parts" to exert dominance? And, much like an umbilical cord, it drys out and falls off at a certain age? 😅 Or am I completely wrong?
  5. I have both a PC and a phone I believe meet the requirements ^^ And I'm supper good with secrets 😜
  6. Hewo ^^ Are you guys still looking for testers? I'd love to join once I meet the requirements, if I'm not too late? 😅
  7. Oh my gosh!!! 😱 😭 😍 He is gorgeous!!! I would love to add him to my collection! Eeeek! 🤩 *faints from excitement*
  8. Maybe like different kinds of giant sea turtles? Like one can keep its back out of the water or stay in shallow water (maybe hop out onto land every now and again? but be slower on land than other land creatures?) And maybe like one that goes deep into to the ocean? And it could have like a bubble dome around the civilization on its back so that people/creatures can breath? But this might all be too complicated and best left in my head... 😅
  9. I totally get what you mean! I love going for walks in the AM's when i can't sleep, but rainy nights/mornings are the best! It's like it sets the tone for the day ahead 🙃
  10. Hewo 🙃 I'm not really sure what to say 😅 Umm...*clears throat* I guess that it will be nice to be part of an ever growing, fun loving 😉 community I look forward to getting to know you all ^^ and maybe even adding to the fantastic Fan art page if any of my stuff is good enough 😅 Thank you for having me
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