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  1. I present to you: The Grinder snake. It has a snake like body, protected by shields, coolers, and heaters. in front will be an opening where lasers pull enemies in the saws will "grind" them. there are heat seeking missile launchers on the sides of it to protect its blind spots. there is a suicide bomber factory on the end that goes towards enemies and explode. it is capable of mining through terrain, tho it has no resource collectors. attached is a gif of Grinder grinding an enemy.
  2. I would suggest an upgrade for all the weapons that allows it to be modified further in which on what it points at. This could be really helpful for people who like automatic drones and people who like the programmer captain.
  3. In Drones, i would really like a key button that disables a sensor. This would really help people who like creating drones in all kinds of ways. Ex. My drones: i have drone that spits out smaller ones, and i use a directional sensor to detect enemies, but it activates my turning thrusters immedietely. With the feature of disabling or turning off a sensor with a key, it would really help my drone to not waste any fuel. In conclusion, This would help creators make more ideas and drones.
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