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  1. Prolouge A dark cloudy-blue tom, with auburn stripes, sat nearby a she-cat and her kits. There were five cats around the nest. Three she-kits that looked to be around three moons old. Courage sat behind them watching the kits like a hawk. “That won’t be hard. They are already perfect Flower,” purred the tom with light gray fur. Then an older she-cat with auburn long fur padded over. “Hi grandma!”, squealed one of the kits. “Fern, you just call me Pine.” Pine hissed playfully. “Eek!”, screamed the kits, diving back into their mother’s fur. “You have your paws full there!” Pine purred. Just then, a dark brown tom kit scampered over curiously. “Did I look like that when I was born?” he asked. “Yes you did” Flower responded. “Oak! Get over here! You should be asleep!” yowled a she-cat with a similar pelt to the clumsy tom kit. Ivy’s such a nag. Courage thought. “Come on Ivy let him meet them!”, laughed Flower. Turning her attention to Oak, Flower said “Be very careful, they may be three moons, but they are still much younger than you” “Ok,” Oak said, nodding. He heard a slight noise, he smelt a WindClan cat. Suddenly, a large black tom crashed into the barn with blood dripping down his side. “Shadow!”, cried Ivy, “What happened?!” Shadow stood there for a moment trying to catch his breath. Courage’s eyes widened, he got up and stalked towards Shadow, he looked out the doors and saw many Clan cats running toward them. Mouse-brains! Courage cursed in his mind. Shadow finally managed to get out some words. “WindClan, they’re coming”, he sputtered. Flower shrieked and rushed to hide the kits in her nest. Courage’s mind was running, he paused, unsure of what to do. Then WindClan came. Crowstar let out a loud caterwaul and streaked into the barn with a group of WindClan’s strongest fast on his heels. The swift battle trained Clan cats easily gained the upper hand. A light brown she-cat jumped into the fray. She raised her paw and swiped, it collided with Courage’s head. They rolled around, clawing each other. Blood was all over the place, and the adrenaline of the battle had made him excited. Finally the she-cat saw her chance. She faked to the left, catching Courage off guard, and swiped to the right, raking him down his side. Courage lost his balance and ran back to around where Flower was. Her kits, Courage thought. Focusing back on the battle he found the clan-cats driving back the rogues. The battle was hectic and it was hard to discern a rogue from clan-cat. There were less than Courage thought, but they still didn’t stand a chance. At that he saw a large silver tom cornering Flower and her kits. The kits! Courage thought frantically. He was approaching Flower with his teeth bared. Courage looked at his sister. The silver tom let out a snarl and viciously swiped at Flower. Flower rolled out of the way and clawed him in the muzzle. Flower fought hard, but it was obvious to Courage that WindClan was stronger. Just as the rogues fled the barn, Crowstar called to retreat. “We have beaten them! They will leave forever! WindClan retreat!” All of the rogues had appeared to abandon the barn. Zeroing in on the two remaining WindClan warriors, Courage quickly slipped behind Flower. Two toms were batting at Flower in her nest. Just as one swiped his paw at Flower time seemed to stop. Fern crawled out from behind the nest, confused and wailing. No one noticed her. Flower was engaged in the fight with the toms, as the silver one went for the killing blow, Courage swiped Fern from under Flower. He has no idea that she has kits… Courage thought. The silver tom’s claws raked the underside of her throat, Courage hid in the shadows, and watched. Crowstar looked at the tom with a pitiful gaze, then looked to another one beside him, and nodded. Crowstar grasped Flower’s scruff with his teeth and exited the barn. To bury her, thought Courage sadly. “Wait,” called the she-cat he’d fought earlier, Applebreeze, “there are two other kits.” “What!?”, cried the deputy, Longstep. “Here, I’ll show you”, said Applebreeze, picking apart the nest to reveal the two she-kits. “They’ve gone into shock”, sighed Longstep. “Yes, but what will we do?”, burst Applebreeze, realizing what had just happened. “I can assure you that those rogues are not coming back after this fight. I’m afraid that Crowstar has gone too far this time”, moaned Longstep. “That doesn’t solve anything!”, cried Applebreeze, “Are we just going to take them to WindClan like nothing happened?!” “Yes,” replied Longstep, “that is exactly what we will do.” Courage slipped out of the barn, Fern tight in his teeth. “Stay safe Snow and Blossom…” he muttered. Chapter One Applebreeze padded over with Snow in her mouth. Longstep followed with Blossom. After the battle, the cats had trudged back to camp, and although they should have felt victorious, they felt anything but. Stormfang looked really down. He regrets what he did, Applebreeze thought. I think we all did things we will regret tonight. Suddenly, Snow let out a wail. “I want Flower!” she wailed. “Shhh, it’s all right,” Applebreeze said, “we’re taking you to a place where you will get warm, and eat.” This seemed to calm Snow down. “Will Flower and Fern be there?” she asked. Longstep and Applebreeze exchanged glances “Who is Fern?” Longstep asked. “She is our sister” Blossom replied. Applebreeze turned to Longstep “She is probably dead if we didn’t see her” she whispered “Most likely” Longstep agreed. They turned back to the kits. “Flower and Fern are dead. You won’t see them for a long, long time. I’m sorry.” The look on Snow’s face broke her heart. “Come on, we know someone who can take care of you,” Longstep said. Snow dangling limply from her jaws, Applebreeze headed for the nursery. “I told Crowstar we shouldn’t have done this! He was being greedy, and now two kits are orphaned and one was killed!” Hawkflower snarled. “No one needed to fight this battle!” her tone softened. “The poor kits they have no mother now.” “Yes, about that,” Lightdapple said, interrupting her rant. “The kits need a mother. Crowstar asked if you could take care of them” “ever since Lilykit and Stormkit…” he broke off. The clan was still mourning for Lillykit and Stormkit, Hawkflower’s kits, both of whom had been born dead. “Of course I will,” Hawkflower responded. “I still have milk, and the poor kits do need a mother. Bring them in.” More Will Be Added!
  2. Clockwork


    XD I always get blood blisters it hurts
  3. Clockwork


    wow.. I slammed a door on my finger, I fainted from the blood. That sure was fun!
  4. Does this apply to the DarkClan rp aswell?
  5. Seedflight is Loststar's brother
  6. don't all his kits... (all except Tigersnow and Seedkit (when he finds out his father isn't Seedflight))
  7. I know right uwu (it's named after my dead cat, Shadow, who I've always seemed to see in my new cat, Binx (who looks exactly like him just short-haired), so, Shadow always returns
  8. I use my school computer so it's a little hard to use blocked things...
  9. Well... i hate homophobes and transphobes... so like, mostly all the straight people... (a lot of straight people do not like/support LGBTQ+)
  10. @Goggles-kun Idk how to reply (to your comment) so.. U-U (also I'm kinda a hypocrite, cause I'm a girl and I have a boyfriend... but he's trans so.....)
  11. We'll add the book as we get the chapters UwU 😉 Allegiances: (don't have Clans yet)
  12. Mine: Name: LoststarGender: Male Rank: Leader Clan: DeathClan Sexuality: Gay Mate: *none* Kits: Windhowl, Tigersnow, Echomist (DeathClan)} Cedarpaw, Cinderpaw (MeadowClan)} Pebblepaw, Streampaw, Riverpaw, Lakepaw (LakeClan)} Sunnykit, Skykit, Seedkit (SnowClan)} Halfkit, Moorkit, Heavykit, Hawkkit (DeathClan)Description: an unusually large long haired handsome, cloudy blue color; with auburn stripes and clouded blue eyesPersonality: quiet; wise; young; mysterious; good leader; hopeful; knows things that most cats don’t
  13. Roleplay setting: ~A warriors' world I made: -DeathClan: an island surrounded by a river, and a gorge for their camp, with forest on the inside and out, a large fallen tree leading to their gathering area, and a lake between their territory and LakeClan's -LakeClan: a sandy area with a river leading into a large lake at the head of the territory between theirs and MeadowClan -MeadowClan: a meadow with trees acting as a kind of wall between their's and LakeClan, but a clearing with a gorge for their camp -SnowClan: they live on a mountain ridge with more mountains atop it, is fall and winter it snows and the live in a giant cave for their camp, with odd holes they use for sunlight Form to play: Name: Gender: Rank: Clan: Sexuality: Mate: Kits: Description: Personality: Other: (anything you want)
  14. PlEaSe Do DrAGons
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