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  1. Prolouge A dark cloudy-blue tom, with auburn stripes, sat nearby a she-cat and her kits. There were five cats around the nest. Three she-kits that looked to be around three moons old. Courage sat behind them watching the kits like a hawk. “That won’t be hard. They are already perfect Flower,” purred the tom with light gray fur. Then an older she-cat with auburn long fur padded over. “Hi grandma!”, squealed one of the kits. “Fern, you just call me Pine.” Pine hissed playfully. “Eek!”, screamed the kits, diving back into their mother’s fur. “You have your paws full there!” Pine p
  2. Clockwork


    XD I always get blood blisters it hurts
  3. Clockwork


    wow.. I slammed a door on my finger, I fainted from the blood. That sure was fun!
  4. Does this apply to the DarkClan rp aswell?
  5. Seedflight is Loststar's brother
  6. don't all his kits... (all except Tigersnow and Seedkit (when he finds out his father isn't Seedflight))
  7. I know right uwu (it's named after my dead cat, Shadow, who I've always seemed to see in my new cat, Binx (who looks exactly like him just short-haired), so, Shadow always returns
  8. I use my school computer so it's a little hard to use blocked things...
  9. Well... i hate homophobes and transphobes... so like, mostly all the straight people... (a lot of straight people do not like/support LGBTQ+)
  10. @Goggles-kun Idk how to reply (to your comment) so.. U-U (also I'm kinda a hypocrite, cause I'm a girl and I have a boyfriend... but he's trans so.....)
  11. We'll add the book as we get the chapters UwU 😉 Allegiances: (don't have Clans yet)
  12. Mine: Name: LoststarGender: Male Rank: Leader Clan: DeathClan Sexuality: Gay Mate: *none* Kits: Windhowl, Tigersnow, Echomist (DeathClan)} Cedarpaw, Cinderpaw (MeadowClan)} Pebblepaw, Streampaw, Riverpaw, Lakepaw (LakeClan)} Sunnykit, Skykit, Seedkit (SnowClan)} Halfkit, Moorkit, Heavykit, Hawkkit (DeathClan)Description: an unusually large long haired handsome, cloudy blue color; with auburn stripes and clouded blue eyesPersonality: quiet; wise; young; mysterious; good leader; hopeful; knows things that most cats don’t
  13. Roleplay setting: ~A warriors' world I made: -DeathClan: an island surrounded by a river, and a gorge for their camp, with forest on the inside and out, a large fallen tree leading to their gathering area, and a lake between their territory and LakeClan's -LakeClan: a sandy area with a river leading into a large lake at the head of the territory between theirs and MeadowClan -MeadowClan: a meadow with trees acting as a kind of wall between their's and LakeClan, but a clearing with a gorge for their camp -SnowClan: they live on a mountain ridge with more mountains atop it, is fall
  14. PlEaSe Do DrAGons
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