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  1. @ababaBABABABABBA how would one make a signal filter, as described in the OP from the existing logic parts? to clarify: the goal is to have 3 seperate parts, 2 of which are exact duplicates of each other (both produced from the same factory part) where the duplicates are not communicating with each other but are communicating with the 3rd part. how would one make that with existing logic parts? @Konchog After reading that wiki page I am confused as to how a delay gate does anything like this. the desired behaviour from a signal filter that I d
  2. As is, the programmer can simulate any input that any other captain can perform, with the exception of the mouse cursor, this causes some clunky behavior. in particular, this is especially important for combat, which is very strange for the programmer. Combat is essentially trivial, because every problem related to combat can be solved with 'moar guns' and any energy problems that arise can be solved with 'moar energy' However, because guns aiming is strictly 'fixed' that means that aiming the guns are complicated. frequently it is far easier to rotate the entire s
  3. The programmer cannot control their drone at all, so there is no reason to have the camera follow it. Right now if you, as the programmer, want to be able to see how different parts of your drone is doing (if for example you have detached subdrones) you would need a system of cameras that rotate being activated or have a rather sophisticated setup that makes drones sense their surrounding to determine whether the player is interested in watching it at that time, and hopefully 2 drones dont decide they want your attention at the same time because then you would be watching the midpoint bet
  4. @garr890354839 true, one can use the keys + the tags to make OR gates with effectively more inputs, but for purposes of more structured programming, I would strongly discourage anyone from programming with keys. the single-letter notation makes the names very ambigous and it is far easier to avoid bugs by using tags with descriptive names like ROTATE_RIGHT or FIRE. even when making a drone that is partially controlled by the player and supplementally controlled by logic I would encourage people to have IF gates that translate keystrokes into tags for programming the internal m
  5. Idea: more (preferably arbitrarily many) input rows for AND/OR/NOR/NAND gates purpose: simplify programming currently if you want to make a signal that means ROTATE_RIGHT AND RESOURCE_FOUND AND ENEMY_NEARBY AND STUCK_UNDER_TERRAIN you would need to first make an AND gate that combines ROTATE_RIGHT and RESOURCE_FOUND into ROTATE_RIGHT AND RESOURCE FOUND and then use another AND gate to combine ROTATE_RIGHT AND RESOURCE_FOUND and ENEMY_NEARBY into ROTATE_RIGHT AND RESOURCE_FOUND AND ENEMY_NEARBY and then use another AND gate tat combines ROTATE_RI
  6. Idea: let players input multiple inputs or outputs for the same activation/logic gate/sensor Purpose: Simplify programming to not require as many OR-gates. for example, if you have a drone with 4 thrusters, symmetrically placed with 2 facing forward and 2 facing backwards, and you want 2 diagonally opposite ones to activate when you want to rotate and both of the back ones to activate when you want to move forward, this currently requires having OR-gates that combine 'rotation' and 'moving forward' signals and send the combined signal to the back thrusters. th
  7. Idea: something should allow some but not all signals (keypresses and tags) to propogate through them. Purpose: lets say you have a factory part that creates individually autonomous drones (from here called the "Drone Swarm"), to do this you would currently need to use a logic splitter to prevent the steering-sensors of one swarm-drone to interfere with the steering of another, identical swarm-drone. however, the same logic splitter would also prevent all signals from some other, regulatory drone (from here called the "mothership"), which makes it impossible to have
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