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  1. Cool! I've been building rotating laser drills and getting cool results. Only marginally improves drilling or grabbing stuff but it feels more fun to use them. Larger, rotating drones also have the advantage of distributing damage across multiple parts from a single direction.
  2. The asteroid field missions with zero gravity are fun, but there is not much variety there. I suggest a mission similar to multiplayer race mode where there is a moving objective target that you must keep up with or capture, while navigating the asteroid field or fighting/outrunning Pirates etc.
  3. The little boxes you can pickup which contain a small amount of Unobtanium and the ship scraps could be more interesting. A chance it contains a rare upgraded weapon or drone part would make them more fun to grab. Similarly, there could be buried loot boxes that you occasionally reveal when digging (this would be fun for Miner Survival mode). A smart player could build sensors into their drone to better locate these. In general, I think this would add to the "surprise discovery" feel of planets and add fun secondary objectives.
  4. Or any way to sort or organize them really. I notice this most when Im at a Weapons Casino, can be pretty annoying.
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