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  1. hi! i want to be more active and even though i haven't roleplayed in.. two? three years? i figured it would be cool to start one to get to know more people and as writing practice or something lol. also, i have a few OCs now, so i can actually use them what do you like to see in roleplays? plot, tribes, adoptables, etc are there things you don't like in roleplays as well, and what would make you want to or not want to join? ( sorry if someone's already done this or something idk )
  2. hi! i'm vixenn ( the name's a very old inside joke i stuck with for too long ) and i figured i should introduce myself if i'm actually ever going to post here! i've been playing niche for two-three-ish years, i got introduced to it through a youtuber ( seri! pixel biologist ) and kinda got obsessed with her series and knew i had to get the game. i do art and stuff as well, though it's only really of humans so i'm gonna try to start drawing animals again. i'm meant to write, i just procrastinate a lot lol. i'm pretty proud of the stuff i've been drawing recently though! i don't know what to write now, so here's just a dump of random stuff : she/her not straight i'm much less enthusiastic in real life lol i really like my chemical romance, twenty one pilots, panic! at the disco and fall out boy - yes, i know, cringy emo kid ( especially mcr i'm kinda really obsessed ) also wings of fire, supernatural and the umbrella academy i know people on here like warrior cats, i used to be really into it i just forgot to read the new books so i'm not in the fandom anymore but like i still like it i guess??? i've ran out of personality, so bye! 🖤
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