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  1. Of course it is, I believe. But this game is not CSGO or DOTA2, I'm afraid that it may be hard to find so many online players playing at the same time. We will wait for a long-long time before we meet another player. And this player might be far more experienced than you, or maybe he just bought this game a few minutes ago.
  2. I agree with that. Though it might increase graphic card burden, I think it will be nice if we have an setting option on this.
  3. I experienced great lag and a very low frame rate when I use "factory". However, it seems that Nimbatus only use about 4 threads in computering. Improving game's multi-thread performance on CPU will significantly improve gaming experience when it comes to complex drones.
  4. Hi, I agree with this, with respect. But I mean if there's a limit of printed fuel, we will focus on make more-efficient drones, not make more of them. Now, we only need to produce enough amount of killing drones and you can finish the mission, right? We do not need to optimize our production, preventing if from cold and hot, making it faster to get across the earth... If fuel is limited, we can only produce several drones(stop produce after the timer is due). I think it will make us focus on how to optimize them. I believe this limit will not kill creativity, but to encourage us to make us think more, and do it better. For sandbox mode, i think that there should not be any limits, anyway.
  5. It's unwise to allow Factory to produce fuel and battery FOR FREE, I believe. It makes this games too easy for a "programmer" to play. What I do is just let my 1st class factory to produce 2nd class factory and my 2nd factory will produce fuel, battery, and enermy-killing uavs. I can complete almost all maps except colloecting-stuff missions. However, there's a great delay when playing because the number of uav production is in porportion of time squared. My computer cpu cannot compute such great amount of elements. Thank you.
  6. Spring can do this job. If you use it well, you can connect parts easily and make it strong enough.
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