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  1. u can always on the collecteur and no need in the directional sensor.. but if the vtol can go direct the nearest resource, it would be useful
  2. i think not only the ranged weapons are essential, but factorys are also. and you can give the parts costs and battle only against drones with similar costs
  3. i think better start with 1.. or all the logic will be always here if you don't need much
  4. oh men only press ctrl and z many times, for what you need this modification
  5. you now can build factory-VTOL-gun(gun attaches next to VTOL and is fixed to fire through it) and fuel drones or supergenerators on main ship
  6. Idea is to create a playground/creative mode where you can build autonomous drones splitted for several teams. That drones are spaceships battling with each other. So you can agree about what blocks you are using and make blueprint ships wich fight and you improve them, being a real spaceship engineer. Factories are essential :) but you always can abandon any blocks and not use them. Zyra'vek kry.. The battle awaits!
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