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  1. You guys are programmers... I don't think I need to explain this much. Just a tab, similar to the one in Kerbal Space Program, that allows you to save pre-configured collections of parts. Also... would be nice if it spanned saved games, but would love to have it even without that. Would really like to build my next automated probe w/o having to repeat all of the "hover if" and "flip back over if" logic from scratch
  2. Yes, but let's broaden this out a bit. If you guys can support "tool tips" then couldn't those also include links to wiki pages? Then allowing the community to maintain the wiki on how each part could be used. It would certainly make complex features, like directional sensors working with position sensors, much easier to figure out.
  3. I think this suggestion would already be solved with this item:
  4. The biggest challenge I've had with "programmer" game mode is the shear number of gates required to perform complex tasks. This would be one way to improve that game mode's viability.
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