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  1. Having implemented factory drones with POI triggered camera I can say it is very cool when it works. It is also very annoying when you get rapidly triggered flippy-cam, or stuck in the middle syndrome. Even in regular play having a next/prev camera button would be more convenient than manual activation. Since they can't impact play why not give everyone including programmers some standard cam switch keybinds?
  2. Agreed, unlimited parts leads to Programmer requiring the dumbest play instead of the smartest. More limitations could curtail the "moar guns" solutions, paired with some additional automation like this suggestion would lead to more interesting solutions.
  3. I've seen footage of earlier beta releases where Sumo and other events popped up in the galaxy map, but I haven't encountered any in my playthroughs. I think these would make a really interesting additional mission types!
  4. I'd like more arena and mission analogs in the testing area too.
  5. This! Every round takes two clicks "Exit Arena" -> "Start Next". Just one click, or better a countdown, would make tournaments less of a chore. Also the flow for training rounds is terrible. Many redundant clicks, and for some reason picking another opponent forgets which drone you were testing.
  6. That's kind of the point - to take winning designs and copy/improve on them. A picture and replay gif wouldn't give you much to work with though, just general design.
  7. I think this idea would increase variation in multiplayer arenas. Maybe just add a switch on normal motors though? Something with a keybind to toggle automatically.
  8. Magnet+Weak Spring handles most of this. A way to hook non-ferrous materials would be nice though.
  9. Agreed, I often have an initial target and a "can't believe I lived this long" target (sumo). Would also help with pickup missions and dual-race starts.
  10. I can't debug drone startup because it is over before I can get to the slider. Pause/Play/Rewind controls would be great too. Also a hotkey to start testing from the drone editor.
  11. Scrolling back and forth through a list to find "Next Waypoint" or "Enemy Drone" gets tedious the second time you have to do it. Also most logic parts are the same size/shape and number of input/output, but swapping them out is a surgical procedure.
  12. I'd like to see what designs are getting the top spots on different race tracks, sumo, etc. I'd also like to see my drones climbing the rankings. Gifs of winning laps would be a great addition too.
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