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  1. Can't you split this into different threads, I like the thruster ideas.
  2. I have no idea how this should be done. But I feel like the whole concept of logic parts being actual parts that can be destroyed is a little annoying. It makes drones needlessly big when a small manual drone is possible. The suggestion is probably controversial since it would change a lot about the game. Possible ways to implement (just the first things that come to mind) : - A sandbox option - An option tied to the programmer captain that makes all logic parts non-physical - A new tier of blocks? Virtual logic parts that work just as regular logic parts and can work alongside regular as you unlock them. Could make for cool new possibilies in the programmer realm of the game
  3. The title kinda says it all. I would like to know what part has too many children connected so I can fix it instead of having to move around parts randomely to find the offending parts.
  4. As an example, the current description of the Altimeter is This could be changed to I am not even sure I got it right. I feel like I have to test the parts to remember what direction they are pointing. Also, give a description to things that don't already have one (Camera Tracker, Position Tracker, actually I just realise know that this is pretty much every item in the game)
  5. On my first play-through it took me waaaaaay too much time to realise that I had to first select the upgrade slot THEN the upgrade I wanted. Maybe make double clicking a thing when there's empty upgrade slots, or add a teeny-tiny tutorial.
  6. When playing as a programmer it's really difficult to make drones without testing them. The threat system is already a train-wreck of a system to make the player progress faster through a system. But deploying on the same planet costs threat?? I feel like that doing this will come a long way to make the game enjoyable in the default playmode (I only really enjoy the sandbox because of the threat system)
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