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  1. For the first process, anyway. The argument against this is "spawn potential". Each of the blocks has a really high spawn potential, even if it's only trying to spawn one block. That's the accumulation of an unseen but measurable resource, and that carries a penalty. Right now that penalty is the same as the full factorial spawn cost, which seems really strict - but understand that if you tried to run 4 cycles of this with a universal setting of "unprinted" they would still double each time. So in just 4 cycles, resulting in 16 factory blocks of types 20, 19, 19, 19, 19, 18, 18, 18, 18, 18, 18, 17, 17, 17, 17, 16 And they would fully retain this potential to double in number for the next sixteen cycles as well. Want to take a stab at 2^20? You'd have spawned one MILLION factory blocks. In 20 Factory cycles. There's no way this is fair. Now that I've finished running the numbers on this change, I officially refute the suggestion.
  2. Or even when you leave the upgrade screen.
  3. Furthermore, I don't see a reason other machines can't use a "Virtual Cursor". However I think a more elegant solution would be the ability to assign something like a "WAYPOINT" and manage it. Then this waypoint could be set as a target aside from FIXED or CURSOR. Having the machines actually move your mouse pointer would be very frustrating for a lot of programmers and could softlock the game.
  4. Honestly I sort of support free camera in this one instance, and sort of not. Part of the challenge of programmer is to have no idea what's going on unless you program your machines to tell you. No interaction includes no meaningful feedback. If you want to grasp what is going on, your machines need to broadcast that to you. Through lights, sounds, signals, or possibly moving your camera. On the other hand, this is a game, and games should be playable. A feature oversight to cause inconvenience won't necessarily make you a better programmer.
  5. This seems like a fair point and a minor oversight, but it's not. Let's say you have 20 factory blocks chained together, but set to start unprinted. Normally to print the 1st factory block (that can print another 18, the "Mother block") you have to wait until [19 factories] is charged. For the 19th block to print the 20th factory block (which doesn't spawn anything) you have to wait until (1 factory) is charged. To spawn a set of ten, takes (10 cycles) to spawn 1 lone useless factory, and (190 cycles) to spawn 10 Mother blocks. By your suggestion, the 10 Mother blocks would also only take 10 cycles - the same as the useless factory. They are clearly different value.
  6. Right now, the smallest piece of debris and the biggest hunk of space junk is worth 25 Yellow. When I can just barely drag a piece of junk back to the collector with my tiny drone? I want a bigger reward! Please scale the value of debris by its mass!
  7. "Let me just buy this upgrade - oh no! I bought the Damage DOWNGRADE and not the UPGRADE, I didn't want that? How do I fix this?" Is this you? I am sorry for your loss. Weapon Customization needs an undo button.
  8. A pitfall to avoid, though - changes made in Weapon Customization spend your resources. This should be handled cautiously.
  9. Also, please clarify if the Logic Splitter also splits TAGS.
  10. Here's a simple part idea to toss around. How about an Energy tank that recharges super fast at the expense of lots of Fuel? Or a Fuel tank that recharges super fast at the expense of lots of Energy? Some drawbacks include the "devaluement" of a two-internal-resource system. It does make it less complicated - in a more complicated way.
  11. I think there's an important balance point that has to be implemented here. I once played this great game called CARNAGE HEART, which essentially broke logic down into blocks. We could take their idea of "Subroutine chips" to a logical extension here. If you implement a [6x6, 10x10, 15x15, 20x20, 30x30] space to cram only logic parts into, and it only takes up a 1x1 block, and call that a "CPU"... then that CPU should constantly draw energy whenever it has to run a logic command. And the more commands it simultaneously executes, the more extreme the energy drain should get. Also, this should be expensive technology, with multiple tiers. The smallest ones (6x6) should have less drain than the big honking ones, per square. I am not opposed to condensed logic design, but hardcore thinking isn't free! Compact design or energy efficiency, which is more important?"
  12. I agree that the factory part is Overpowered and needs to be toned down. And I think making Remote Resource transfer an exclusive starting perk of the Engineer is a good idea. The Engineer, after all, has to contend with parts overhead, tool limitations and lack of offensive perks.There is no need for the Programmer to have it right away also; infinite parts is infinitely powerful.
  13. In particular I want to be able to use Scanners to detect: - Position Trackers - My Drone Core I want to be able to use a Short Range Scanner to detect individual parts by classification. This could be done through mod upgrades, as with weapons. Being able to identify armor, weapons, fuel and energy sources, and of course Enemy Cores would be valuable. I also want to be able to adjust the maximum range of the Directional Sensor. I also want a radial detection tool (SONAR) that can detect something very specific - like a weapon or an allied position tracker - and feed back up to 2 different channels on whether that something is close/far, with the max range and the division point between close and far adjustable. (What it can't do, is tell which direction the something is.)
  14. After playing this game for a bit, I have found that the drones and the ship building are really at the heart of this game. But when you get the chance to upgrade your ship, some of the upgrades just feel tacked-on. For example, I don't see why or how "stealth" belongs. Pressure relief from the big bad wolf doesn't make the game more interesting. Suggestion: A revamp of Drone Ship "Upgrade". Upgrades to minimum drone size and part discounts are okay. But here's what the rest of these upgrades should be. - Upgrades to remote technology; Communication, Power, Fuel, Resources in that order. - Upgrades to weapon research; continually increasing the types and total upgrades of weapons available in your weapon research bay. - Upgrades to fabrication; a type of research that lets you unlock parts for manufacturing, if you have red metal. Unlocking fabrication makes it generally available anytime, so on any given planet you can manufacture X more thruster parts to use. Are we a drone factory or not? - Upgrades to armor and defense research, thruster research, scanning research, and data research. This, similar to weapon upgrades, would in turn enable new and more effective parts for... : Armor and Defenses - upgrade your shields and armor plating. : Thrusters - fine tune your fuel ratios and design advanced parts like afterburners and inertial dampeners : Scanners - design longer range, new and more precise scanners. Limit the range of a scanner or extend it in new ways. : Data - Enable numerical communication, complex coordinate transfer, logarithmic math, complex radio-channel signals, and various more important data than "ON" and "OFF." Improve processing speed and efficiency. And which of these upgrades are available at any given place can be random. In other words, your drone ship should be able to improve its core ability to manufacture new drone types, expand its parts making abilities, and upgrade its technology. We don't care about scouting out slightly more worlds to determine which one is a little more hazardous. Let us build new and amazing stuff, and spend our rare, limited resources to overcome RNG with technique.
  15. This is a series of things that would make life easier for a dude, as I recognize them. 1. When a player deletes part of a tag with Backspace, then begins to type... don't erase the entire label. There's a high chance your player is copy-pasting similarly named parts, like thruster 1, thruster 2 - and just needs to change one or two numbers to correct a tag. Having to re-type the whole tag wastes a second. If they wanted the whole tag gone, they would have kept deleting it. Thanks.
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