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  1. That's actually a really good work around, as it would limit the spawn potential of factories while still allowing segmented designs to be feasible.
  2. Right now spawning a line of 20 factories set to un-printed takes 20+19+18+17+16+15... (etc) cycles. All i want to do is have each factory only take the time for the blocks it is actually printing. if i have 20 factories chained together set to printed i can print every single one from the first factory in 20 cycles. It'd still take the same net amount of time to spawn any given object but you would be able to do it in manageable segments instead of huge pieces.
  3. Right now if you have multiple factory blocks chained together, the first factory block will take all the blocks ahead of it to calculate its build time even if the factorys block in front of it spawn un-printed. This makes large segmented designs unfeasible as you take forever to regenerate your initial segment. It would be good to have factories only calculate to the next un-printed factory block.
  4. This would also make large segmented designs viable. Having factories only build up to the next factory set to spawn not printed is a brilliant idea.
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