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  1. in the single player 2 jump gates done. I tried a mission to disrupt the core fracing facility. to destroy the facility you need to take down 4 sites with transmitter or shield generator. when flying around, for a unknown reason, I failed the mission. probably by getting one of the creatures accidentally being destroyed. What I think happened is that the exhaust from nimbatus heated some of the rock and one of those overheated rocks killed one off the creatures. I tried the mission twice but before I could find the last site to take down before I could attack the facility I lost due to a creature being killed. none of the creatures followed me and so none were killed in a fight. so when rocks are around Nimbatus they get heated by the exhaust and then kill a creature before you have time to end the facility. version 1.0.8 026d1902-5d7e-4dc4-af67-6092e5111f8a.nimbSave
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