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  1. My beautiful recreation of the Stray Fawn Studios Logo turned into... really, not half bad compare to my drawing
  2. I haven't met you either, but welcome back! I'm just your average nerd who really likes making characters and roleplaying, feel free to pm me any time!
  3. It's restricted but I have an idea of what it is about We are now on chapter 2, and about to throw a pool party
  4. Im whacking hacking mod untitled geese. And dristy is odd, I cant stop her dreaded simp
  5. .... General Kenobi, the force seems to be strong in you... welcome to the dark side.
  6. Well, we discovered the blackened, it was really easy but not at the same time
  7. yeah But now we have to do an investigation.. oh boy.
  8. me and my friends made a dang it grandpa roleplay and it's really fun but sadly no one has died yet
  9. is that a good thing or a bad thing for you
  10. I have two math assignments, one Social studies assignment, and a phy ed assignment all due tomorrow and I have to read like 6 chapters of a book You're looking at the SHSL Procrastinator right here
  11. She leaped t the side, hopefully far enough to have dodged it.
  12. She looked around the nursery until she saw a moss-ball. "LOOK!"
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